You Rock My World

It’s Michael Jackson’s birthday.  Correction – it would have been Michael Jackson’s birthday today.  He would’ve been 54.  I never thought of him only being five years older than Johnny Depp.  That’s kind of cool.  54 years ago, Michael Jackson was introduced to this world, and it was a day that changed history.  Music and style were forever altered, and numerous imitations were made of him.  He impacted lives like many people will never have a chance to do.

Anyway, I just found out about his birthday a few hours ago.  And NO – I did not Google it.  I’m not a creepy stalker like that.  Ok, maybe I am, but that is not how I found out this time. How did I find out?  I have this awesome friend.  I know, shocking to all of you internet friends who think you’re the only cool ones in my life.  You are awesome, but I have two other friends who are also awesome – see, I have a semi-social life.

This awesome friend happens to be a Michael Jackson hater.  Very very, extremely, desperately sad.  However, she’s still awesome (she’s the same one who had a costume party for her 16th birthday), and she’s considerate enough to tell me about Michael Jackson’s birthday.

She texted me: “You know who’s bday it is?”

Me: “Um…aug. 29th…  Nothing really rings a bell.  Whose bday is it?” *insert me desperately wracking my brain to see if I missed sending someone “well-wishes.”

Her: “Your Michael Jackson… :)”

Me: “Whoa are you kidding me???  You know this and I don’t?  How did I not know??  It’s Michael Jackson’s birthday?? :O”

Her: “Haha I thought you would like to know… :)”

Cue over-the-phone-texting-awesome-friend-hug. 😀  Even though she’s a firm Michael Jackson hater, she still let me know that it was his birthday.  You may be wondering how I plan to celebrate, since I had a Johnny Depp birthday party for my other favorite person.

Well, considering I only found out about his birthday a few hours ago, I’m not throwing a party.  Besides, I don’t know anyone who would come to it.  Johnny Depp fans are abundant in my circle of friends compared to Michael Jackson fans.  And considering there are only like 2 Johnny Depp fans, that should say something.

I thought about making a cake…but I honestly don’t feel like baking right now.  Perhaps I will sometime this weekend and call it Michael’s birthday cake.  For now, I am content to listen to his music. 🙂  My uncle (a die hard fan of Michael Jackson.  Hey! he would come to my party. 😀  Then there’d be two of us.), is letting me borrow some original cassettes and videos of Michael, so I’m pretty excited to check those out.

Last but certainly not least – Happy Birthday, Michael! You have a fan in me. 😀

“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

Here’s a video of Michael Jackson’s live performance of Billie Jean – also his first moonwalk ever.


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