Schedules, iPod Cases, and the Nation Project: Today is Tuesday

 Remember how I told you that I started school last week?  Well, along with a brand new school semester comes a desire to be super organized and responsible.  I’m pretty sure this is fairly common…or is it just me?  Anyway, in my homeschool, I have always started school at 8 AM.  Always.  However, in making my schedule this year, I realized that I really needed to incorporate daily exercising into it.  Exercise is super important, and the best thing we can do for our bodies.  When coupled with eating healthy, people should feel great, and lose weight easily.  Speaking of which, don’t fall into the trap about those diets that promise you’ll lose like a bazillion pounds.  If you don’t exercise during the diet, no matter what you lost on it, you will gain it back and more when you’re off it.  Just saying.

Back to the schedule.  I was a little distracted there.  I realized that trying to exercise after school is pointless – nobody want to exercise in the afternoon, and let’s face, once done with school, I kind of don’t want to do anything else – especially when it concerns physical work or thinking.  I can’t exercise at night because that’s when my dad and older brother get off work, and it’s pretty important for us to have family time then.  What was left?  The early morning.  Because I obviously can’t exercise while doing school.  Thus, I wake up at 6 AM, Monday through Friday.  However, because of my exercise routine, I’ve found that it really isn’t that bad.  As long as I exercise right away, I have little difficulty in waking.  Which basically means that I climb out of bed, fall to the floor, and proceed with push-ups and sit-ups.  Once I’m *awake* I change and do my 30 minute exercise routine.  After that, I just have to shower and finish getting ready to start school at 8.  It’s a pretty good schedule, and I’m hoping to keep it until it becomes a habit.

 A few months ago, I told you guys how I saved up and bought a 32 gb, black iPod touch.  A few weeks later, I informed you that I bought a screen protector and case.  I have had SO many compliments on this case…it’s crazy.  I’ve never had as many compliments on anything as I have had on this.  It’s slightly rubberized, but not so much that it can’t slide in my pants pocket easily.  It’s very strong, black, with decorative silver vines across it.  I’ve loved my case, so you can imagine how I felt a week or so ago when I was putting it in my back pocket and it slipped…

Needless to say, the case split.  I have to say, at least it did its job, because my iPod wasn’t damaged at all.  I instantly logged onto Amazon and found my bookmarked page of the case, and was relieved to not only find it in stock, but cheap enough for me to buy again.  I bought it and eagerly awaited its shipment.  However, when it arrived, I was very disappointed.  I was sent one completely different than my case.  I sent the seller an email, and after a little correspondance, they said that they would ship the correct case.  It came in today…and guess what?  It’s the same one they sent before.  So I sent them another email not twenty minutes ago, with an attached photo of the case they advertised for.  We’ll see if anything comes out of this.  Perhaps they’ll get frustrated enough and look in their old shipments for the original case.  Or nothing will happen, and I’ll have to look for a different case.  Hey, I figure – they advertised for a completely different case than the ones they sent, so my complaints are well grounded, right?

   I’m taking a super cool history course this year.  It actually gives me three full credits – in English, Bible, and History.  It’s very engaging, the Bible studies are extremely thought provoking, and the History is (as far as I can tell at this point) quite extensive.  Now, let’s talk English.  I have to write an essay every week.  Which, honestly isn’t that big of a deal for me, considering how I love to write.  They have a few different options available each week.  Either you can choose one of the two topics they offer, or you can do something they call “The Nation Project.”  This started from Lesson 1, and it basically means to choose a certain country and write essays on different aspects of that country.  This sounded pretty intriguing to me, so I decided to do it.  Can you guess which country I chose?  You know, taking into consideration that I’m Italian?  That’s right, I chose Italy!  I figured that since I love this country so much, it would be fascinating to do extra research on it every week.  I’ve already written one paper on it – which was just basically an introduction to the project, but this week I have begun to work on one marking distinct characteristics of Italy.  Any suggestions?

—  There is one particular verse which has really affected me while writing my book.  It stresses dedication and determination, which are some of the very important elements in writing a novel.  The verse is Ecclesiastes 9:10a, “Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might.”

 Just a reminder – my fiction fantasy novel is scheduled to be published this month.  So exciting!!  If you would like to learn more about it, you can visit my website here.  Below is the book trailer – enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Schedules, iPod Cases, and the Nation Project: Today is Tuesday

  1. Wait, you always start school at 8? 0_o That’s impressive. We start at 9 if we’re actually on top of things. Although when I go running I’m out the door at 6 and I’m usually showered and ready for the day by 7:30, so I guess I’m not too much of a slacker when it comes to starting school early. Sometimes.

    Ooooooo, I like that case 🙂 I just got a phone case that is black with grey stars since I’m constantly dropping my phone. It’s ok, but not my favorite. But the rest of the cases at the mall kiosk were pink or had rhinestones, and that’s not really my thang if you get my drift.

    Italy. Nice choice 😉 Suggestions…hmmm…so can you write about pretty much anything on Italy? I’ll think about stuff and get back to you. You definitely have to write about the food. Duh.

    • Always. Ok, so sometimes it’s 8:30…but that’s just because I decide to eat breakfast/check my email and blog before hand. Haha. Nah, you don’t sound like a slacker to me. I know lots of families who don’t start school until 9 or later – if they have a specific start time at all.

      Yeah I loved it! And, they don’t carry the same one anymore. 😦 So I ordered a new that’s black with blue hawaiian flowers…we’ll see if I’ll like it as much. Probably not, though. I totally get what you mean – pink rhinestones are big with a lot of people nowadays…but black and grey or silver is much better for me. The bright stuff just doesn’t really work for me. 😉 As much as I love bling, haha.

      Thought you’d like it. Well, every week I have a topic I have to write on…so I guess that’ll keep me pretty busy. So far, I’ve worked Italian food into all the papers, no matter what the topic. What can I say? Italian food is a statement in itself. 😀

      Thanks for commenting! I really love hearing from you!


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