Fever, temperatures risin’ now… – Today is Tuesday

First off, I want to thank EVERYONE for your wonderful feedback about my book release date!  You were so forgiving and encouraging.  Also, a big thanks to everyone who sent me uplifting emails.  I have to say, I honestly wasn’t expecting all this wonderful support, so I really, really appreciate it. 😀  You guys are the best!

Now, on to what happened to me this week.

–I was practically deathly ill for three days.  I may or may not be slightly exaggerating, but I felt so miserable.  I had a mixture of the head flu, stomach flu, and cold.  It resulted in a 100.9 fever, which is weird because I *never* get fevers.  Once we figured out I had a fever, it kind of made sense why I felt so miserable and was alternately hot/freezing/aching.  I couldn’t eat because of the stomach part, couldn’t concentrate on school because of the head part, and couldn’t breathe because of the cold part.

Thankfully, it only lasted three days.  The first day, I felt icky and skipped exercising and showering, but still did all my school because I didn’t realize I was sick until we took my temperature later that evening.  I spent the whole next day in bed, aching, nauseous, and well, see the above paragraph.  That night, my fever broke and I started to feel a whole lot better.  The next day, I felt worlds better, but still became nauseous when I ate food.  I was able to do my school, and make up for the previous day.  Thankfully, the nausea gradually went away, and I’m pretty much back to eating/living normally now.

Why do I get sick so often during the school year?  How many times did I post last year saying that I was sick?  It’s way too often, let me tell you that.  It boggles my mind – I mean, I stay home pretty much all the time.  Unlike most other homeschoolers, during an average week, the only time I get out is church on Sunday and work on Monday.  We occasionally have something to do during the week, so I’ll go into town then.  Otherwise, I’m at home.  Last year, I had my Literature class, so I did get out more often then, but not this year.  So how do I get sick?

–My new iPod case came in.  Remember all the problems I was having with it?  Well, I ended up just buying a completely different one because they apparently stopped stocking/selling that one.  In my opinion, my new one doesn’t look quite as nice, but it covers my iPod a lot better – and! it’s not cracked – so I like it.  Oh, and it’s not as shiny as the one in the pic….

–I am still working on reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.  This was on my summer reading list, and well, it’s officially fall now, and 5 weeks into my school year, but hey, life happened and I didn’t get all the books read.  Actually, though, I think I did a pretty good job with my summer reading list – considering I was working on *my* book like crazy as well.  I only missed two books – the one I’m reading now, and Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.  I also need to read The Lord of the Flies, but I’m not in too much of a rush for that.  Back to Jules Verne though.  Have I mentioned how much I enjoy his work?  I especially love Journey to the Center of the Earth.  He was a very talented writer – captivating, simple, and adventurous.  At the moment, I’m also reading The Cat of Bubastes by G.A. Henty – and there is a huge difference between Verne and Henty.  I’m enjoying Henty’s book now, but it had a pretty slow start – as opposed to Verne who is captivating from the beginning.  Perhaps it was just The Cat of Bubastes, though.  I’ve heard that other Henty books are thrilling.

–Weekly Bible Verse: 1 Timothy 4:12, “Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity, show yourself and example of those who believe.”

As young people, we shouldn’t be discouraged when people say “You’re only a child; you wouldn’t understand,” or “you’re not old enough to comprehend these things.”  More often than not, I’m pretty sure that if we were just given the opportunity, we would be able to understand – at least those of us “older” young people.  We shouldn’t be discouraged, but plunge forward, and go against the current of the world that wants to keep us all kids, ignorant and irresponsible.  Be an example of faith and what young people should be like!  If you don’t like the reaction you get from people about your age, try to change what you do to stop that reaction.  Of course, some people will always think the same way, but I’m sure it would make an impact.

I go to a church where the young men and women are encouraged to step up and start filling the roles that God has set for men and women.  In the very least, to start hands-on training for those roles.  We are encouraged not just to interact with our peers, but adults as well.  Why shouldn’t we?  Before we know it, we’ll be adults, and if we don’t start practicing now, we’ll all just be awkward when we realize what is expected of us.  My church has made a difference.  People visit the church and are surprised – astounded even.  They are not used to the respect, eye contact, and attentiveness shown to the adults by most of the younger generation.  If more young people realized how quickly they are growing up, and decide to take up the mantle of acting responsibly and looking to others for advice, I am sure there would be a different outlook on teens in today’s culture.

Break the mold.

If you can’t tell, not that much happened to me this week.  I realize that was probably because of how sick I was.  Ok, actually more happened to me than I’m letting on.  I bought two more Michael Jackson albums (Off the Wall, and The Best of Michael Jackson: Anthology Series), we went on a tour at our local Joy Cone ice cream cone factory, and had our school photos taken.  I will most likely have my Senior photos taken either this week or the next, depending on the weather.

So there you go.  What’s going on in your life lately?


4 thoughts on “Fever, temperatures risin’ now… – Today is Tuesday

  1. When I was younger I would get so angry when people would give me the “oh, you’ll understand when you’re older” line or try to brush me off because I was a teenager. Because of that, I make a very real effort not to do that with people younger than myself. It’s fine to understand things differently at different ages of life, but it’s not okay for someone to look down on you because they perceive a situation differently than you do. So yeah, like you said – persevere! 🙂

    • I can completely relate with what you said! I have so enjoyed knowing you, and I’m pretty sure the main reasons are because you are so kind, funny, sweet, and interesting – and wonderful when it comes to talking with teenagers. You make me feel like you really care about what I say, and that is so rare to find in people nowadays. I really appreciate it! Thanks so much Rach!


    • Yes! I just finished it, (finally! only took me three weeks, haha) and I loved the end. All in all, I loved the story. G.A. Henty just made it a little difficult to read, that’s all. 😉 However, the character development was astounding!

      So glad you agree with me! Thanks for commenting!


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