Good News!

God is so amazing.  He works things out perfectly!  On Monday, I was really frustrated with all my technical problems, and now, on Thursday, I’m completely at ease.  Here’s what has happened to accomplish this:

–My fan was still under warranty, so a replacement fan is on its way to my home.  The customer service was excellent, and it was super easy to work with them.  I’m so excited for my new fan!

–Apparently, all Skullcandy products have a lifetime warranty.  Have I mentioned how much I love Skullcandy?  So awesome.  All I had to do was fill out a warranty claim, and ship my earphones back.  Voila!  A new pair is on its way.  Also, this pair is even better than my previous pair, so I’m really happy. 😉

–My brother and I spent all of Tuesday working on my laptop.  You don’t even want to know what all we had to do.  It was crazy.  At one point, my computer quit working so much that the only way we could get in was through Safe Mode.  We ended up doing a system restore, installing a new Anti-Virus program, and PC Mechanic – an amazing program that finds *everything* wrong on your computer and fixes it.

My computer is still dying, but hopefully this will keep it running long enough for me to buy a new one.

–God has provided me with two new jobs!  This will really help me save up for my computer quicker.  It might be a little hard to work in with school, but they have been placed before me, so I’m sure there will be a way to make it work.  12th grade school work, 3 jobs, and chores at home…this might be interesting.

However, I’m still on holiday, so I’m not worried at all! 😀 haha  I just thought that I would give all of you a quick update, especially with how anxious I was in my last post.  God works things things out perfectly, every time!

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28


10 thoughts on “Good News!

    • Haha, I figured most of my readers aren’t that tech savvy, so it would make for a very boring post. 😉 But I’ll be glad to tell you. That is, if I can even remember what all we did. It took a full day of frustrations.

      First, we installed PC Mechanic, and analyzed my computer. It came up with like 76 problems, most of which were quick fixes. Some of them took hours though (like compiling 120,000 fragmented files). I also had over 12 GB of clutter. How that happened, I have no idea. I also had 40-some unnecessary start-up programs, so that took a while figuring out which ones were necessary. After that, we restarted my computer, in hopes that it was fixed. To our dismay, it froze upon start-up. We manually shut it down and turned it back on again, and it froze again. At that point, the only way to get in was via Safe Mode.

      After that, we decided to do a system restore. We hoped to restore back to when we first bought it, but unfortunately, the oldest restore point was only 18 days ago. Knowing that my computer didn’t start having its huge problems until recently, we restored it to that point. After that, we had to re-install PC Mechanic and run another analysis. We found that I had 13 GB of clutter, and hundreds of thousands fragmented files needing to be defragged again. We had to go through all the start-up programs again, and de-activate which ones weren’t necessary. After that, we installed Trend Micro (the Anti-Virus program), and were informed that we would have to un-install PC Mechanic to install Trend Micro. After doing that, we successfully installed Trend Micro, then re-installed PC Mechanic again, and started the analysis all over again. Crazy, I tell you. Then, we did a deep scan with Trend Micro, and I was happy to see my computer wasn’t in danger of viruses or anything. 😉

      Now I’m still analyzing it every day, and conducting scans everyday in hopes that it won’t degrade as quickly (within the 18 days) as it did before. My system cooling fan is still broken, which granted, I could probably have the manufacturer fix, but considering all the other problems, I might as well just buy a better computer. 😉 Hope that wasn’t too confusing!


      • Nope, nope. Wow that sounds like a pain. It’s probably quite a bit faster now, with the defragmented hard drive and fewer startup programs? You know we’ve found that our main antivirus software doesn’t always catch everything. We usually use Malwarebytes’ as well. The free version doesn’t have real-time protection, but if you’re concerned about malware, you could give it a shot. One guy I know mainly uses Malwarebytes’ and another one called “SUPER AntiSpyware”. It doesn’t look extremely legit, but it’s probably fine. I don’t use it much; don’t remember it catching anything… Anyway yeah if you’re extra concerned about nasty stuff there’s a couple things that might help. Hope you can keep it cool enough… this computer sometimes overheats even with a cooling fan :P.

        • I’ll have to look into that stuff! Thanks for telling me about them. Yeah, my computer still overheats with the external cooling fan… Aw, the joys of technology… I’ve noticed the best way to keep it cool is use it on a hard surface for better airflow, and use it for short periods of times. That’s about it…

          Definitely is a pain. Oh yeah, it is running a lot faster now, thankfully. 🙂


          • You might also try ice packs near the air inlet. I used to use a computer that would keep turning itself off, but I put ice packs underneath and I think it helped. We ended up taking it all apart and reapplying the thermal compound between the CPU and heatsink… not recommended, but it did help. Yeah the ice packs would be a pain but less so than the computer shutting itself off I suppose. Good luck.

          • Ice packs…wow I never would’ve thought of that. I think I would be slightly concerned about it defrosting a bit and the water getting into my computer, though. But thanks for the idea – when I have to use my computer for long periods of time, that might just help. 😉


          • Yeah that’s definitely something to be careful about, though I don’t remember being very concerned about it when I used them, for whatever reason. I should also add that my advice comes with no warranty and blah blah blah hehe.

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