Back to the Salt Mines, people, because you never know when you’re going to find your birthday present.

–My holiday is over. 😦  Today marks my first day of starting school again after a 2 week holiday.  Actually, I had it pretty easy today, because my dad let me sleep in.  For some reason, sleeping in just seems to make a whole school day easier! haha

I really love school, except for English.  That probably seems strange considering I wrote and am publishing a book, but in reality, it’s not *all* that strange.  See, there’s a HUGE difference between technical English and Creative Writing.  Creative Writing is my passion, technical English is a nightmare to me.  I was fooled into excitement by the name “Elizabethan Literature” for this English course.  The “Elizabethan” part is only for like one or two units – all the rest of it is nightmare English!  Ugh.

Still, even though I don’t like it, I’m averaging A’s and high B’s in it.  I’ve realized that I don’t have to like something to do well in it.  I can despise it, but good study habits, determination, perseverance, a good attitude, and a strong faith can make anything possible.

On the other hand, I’m LOVING my science course this year.  It is advanced biology.  I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this on here before, but I’m a huge biology person.  Biology is just amazing to me.  Yes, very complex, and yes it does take a lot of thinking, discerning, and memorizing, but it is SO worth it.  This is actually the third biology course I’ve taken.  In my freshman year, I took my first course biology.  In my junior year, I took Marine biology, and this year, I’m taking advanced biology.  It’s lovely.

The only part that I don’t like about biology is the dissections.  If you recall, I’ve had pretty bad experiences with it – like when I actually had the stomach flu but thought that I was just a wimp during dissections.  <- That was during Marine Biology.  During my first year biology, I had a horrible headache after the worm, became nauseous after the whole carapace and head ripped off the crawdad, and had the last straw when my scalpel slipped on the fish’s head and poked the eye – thus squirting fish-eye juice in my face and all over my shirt.

Yeah, bad experiences.  Thankfully, my mom is not forcing me to do the dissections for advanced biology.  *Cue angels singing praises*

–My birthday is on September 13th.  I had a grand birthday this last time.  However, I just found one of my birthday presents.  It’s been almost six weeks since my birthday, and I just found it.  My mom was looking for a small box I could use to ship my earphones back to Skullcandy, and she opened a drawer in her nightstand.  I glanced over and saw a shiny gold/bronze box that said, “Lord of the Rings.”  Immediately interested, I asked what it was.

My mom was just as surprised as I was!  She took it out saying, “Oh, um, I don’t…know.”

My dad happened to walk in then and exclaimed, “That was your birthday present!”

haha Apparently, they had bought the present in like January or something, and hid it so well that both of them forgot about it.  Sometimes, I just have to laugh.  My family is so crazy.

In case you’re wondering what the present is, it’s pretty awesome.  It is the Lord of the Rings, Extended Edition, with all the Appendices, in Widescreen, on Blu-Ray.  Yeah, I kind of love it. 😉  I already own the LOTR Extended Edition with the Appendices in Widescreen, but it’s on DVD.  Also, the Blu-Ray edition has an extra bonus feature disc in every movie case, which is great because I hadn’t seen any of that coverage before!  It’s totally behind the scenes….  As you know, I’m a huge LOTR nerd, so this makes me very happy.

So yeah, moral of the story: Even if you’re birthday has been over for 6 weeks, keep an eye out, because you’ll never know when you might find another birthday present. 😉

–I had an interesting and slightly convicting experience yesterday.  One of our friends has been in Boy Scouts for pretty much forever, and he was just named an Eagle Scout.  For those of you who don’t know, that is a huge honor.  If I remember correctly, only 4 out of 100 Boy Scouts reach the Eagle Scout rank.

Anyway, this was after the ceremony and I was talking with my friends.  I kind of just entered the conversation, and wasn’t exactly sure what they were talking about yet.  I soon found out that they were talking about the Bible and what they were each reading.  One of our pastors daughters was so excited in sharing this passage she had read with such a great allegory and how it had affected her, which was wonderful to listen to.

When she was done, another friend next to me abruptly turned to me and asked, “How about you?  What have you been reading lately?”  I confess, I had to admit that I haven’t really had my own reading time lately.  I mean, I’ve read and participated in family Bible studies, memorized what my dad has asked me to, enjoyed church, and read what is required for my school…but I don’t have a personal Bible study time.

That question made me realize that I need to.  I can worship and study God with others – and the Bible does require us to – but personal time with God is vital for our relationship with Him.  I mean, really, how am I supposed to know what God is telling me if I don’t study what He’s saying?  I think that the best time for me would be either first thing in the morning, or before bed.  I am going to make a point of studying God’s word on my own.  I’m not sure what book I’m going to be in yet, but I think it will be in the New Testament.

Hopefully next week I will have some great news to share with you about how my new study time is going!  Have a fabulous week!  Holidays are just around the corner! 😀


7 thoughts on “Back to the Salt Mines, people, because you never know when you’re going to find your birthday present.

  1. hey love the poem. 😉 and I’m glad about your decision to do a personal Bible study everyday.It sure will be a wonderful experience.God will give you the strength to keep doing it 🙂 Wish you a happy communion with the Lord!!!!

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  3. Me and my Bro went in halfsies on the LOTR extended blu-ray edtion last winter when it came out. It is soooo awesome! we watched it all thanksgiving weekend. I am glad you liked Josh’s ceremony! it turned out better than I thought, and I was so happy the slidedshow worked, I had been working on that for a week and it had had so many problems. Also glad to encourage you to read your Bible more! I know, its hard sometimes to have a personal study time, especially if you read it for school and church.:)

    • I haven’t watched them yet, but I’m so excited to! I can’t wait. That would be so much fun to spend an entire weekend watching LOTR. Yeah! Josh’s ceremony was great! So touching too! I almost cried…especially when your mom was talking, and during Josh’s speech. I absolutely LOVED the Star Wars music on the slideshow when he was eating the hamburger (or whatever that was!). That was epic. Good job on the slideshow! It was fabulous. Videos are really finicky things to create.

      Yes, thank you so much for the encouragement! It really made me think! 😀 Thanks for commenting!


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