Things Going Out the Window

I figured that I could make a list today.  Lists seem to be easier for me nowadays when it comes to blogging.  I’ve noticed that my blog seems to have taken a rather serious/random tone lately.  I would love to make people laugh from reading my posts.  So, this post is going to be centered on one thing.

Things that have “gone out the window” lately for me.  Meaning, they’ve pretty much faded from my life/routine/priorites/etc.

–Exercising.  Remember when I was was so excited about my exercise routine?  Well, as always, it didn’t last.  This happens every year.  I start out the school year so motivated and ready to get in some serious shape.  Then…a month later, I’m done.

I don’t know what it is, but exercising and I just don’t go well together.  I know it’s the best thing you can do for your body – I took a physical fitness course all of last year!  I know the benefits we reap from exercising; I know it is important to exercise.  I know. But it just doesn’t work for this girl.

Whenever I start exercising, after one or two days, I start feeling sick when I do it.  Then after 3-5 days, I’m exhausted when I do it.  Also, exercising in the morning should wake me up and make me feel invigorated for the day, right?  That’s what I thought.  However, after exercising in the mornings, I feel tired and exhausted for the rest of the day.  I have a hard time concentrating on school, let alone staying awake.  I feel sore, sick, and weary.

I’m pathetic, aren’t it?  Well, needless to say, my exercise program has stopped, and I honestly feel like a bazillion times healthier now.  I have much more energy during the day, and overall feel better.

So.  Weird.

I’m still doing push-ups and sit-ups though, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.  I’m still doing some exercise.  I enjoy resistance exercise – aka, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc.  They work really well for me.  At least that’s some kind of exercise that my body doesn’t rebel against. 😉

–Okay, I guess it’s only that one thing.  I thought I had more, but I can’t remember them now.  Speaking of remembering, I’m having kind of a hard time remembering things lately.  More specifically, remembering if things I remember are from a dream or if they actually happened.

Did that make sense?  My dreams have been very vivid lately, but I can’t really remember what they are.  However, they make enough of an impact on me that during the day I’ll remember something (an image, a line someone spoke, or a conversation) and I can’t figure out if it came from a dream or in person.  It’ll seem so familiar, but I can’t remember it actually happening.  It’s frustrating, to say the least, and I feel like I’m going insane.  Or as Alice would say in Alice in Wonderland, “Have I gone ’round the bend?”

Well…I still feel like this was a very weird post.  I ended up writing about two things (exercising and memory) instead of one, and I don’t think it was funny enough to make people laugh.  Perhaps my next post will be funnier.  Stay tuned for “My Happy Thoughts” – inspired by Maddie.  We came up with a plan that if I post about my happy thoughts, she’ll post about hers, and then we’ll compare them.  I look forward to reading your happy thoughts, Maddie!

Even though this was a strange post, perhaps it interested you some.  Or, perhaps it will touch someone out there in a way I could never imagine.  (Someone with an anti-exercising body as well?? haha) After all, in Luke 12:12, the Bible says that, ‘The Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.”  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that we always say the right thing (I wish!  That would be nice), but that if you’re struggling with what you should say, and you pray for help, the Lord will give you the help you need.


9 thoughts on “Things Going Out the Window

  1. Sorry exercise is so tough for you. I tend to be more of a “play as fitness” kinda girl. I mean, I go to the gym sometimes, but I really try to focus on being active in my daily life. 🙂 I hope you can figure out something that works well for you without exhausting you!

    I have really vivid dreams too, girl! You aren’t alone. I definitely remember things randomly throughout the day too.

    • That’s a great idea!! My dad gave me a basketball hoop for my birthday, so I’ve been trying to make playing ball a part of my day…I should focus on that a little more, I think. As well as running/skipping when possible instead of walking. Then people will really think I’ve gone ’round the bend. 😉

      So glad I’m not the only one. It’s the strangest (and at times most frustrating) thing when I remember something and I can’t figure out if it was from my realistic dreams or if it actually happened. Thanks for commenting, Rach! 😀


  2. Oh, Tia, you amuse me:) Your post did not make me laugh, but it did make me smile. You sound just like me…I did the same thing with exercising. I’m all motivated to do it, then I fade out of it in 2 weeks. What really works for me is to GO and do something. Like I used to have a membership to the Aquaplex, so went and ran on the treadmill for a while every day. Now I go to Buffalo Park and run/walk every day…so that helps with my motivation. About dreams and not knowing whether something happened in a dream or in real life and losing track of everything….I do that all the time. I’m glad to know that others do it too:) Oh, yeah I am totally in with the happy thoughts post:) Tell me what day we should do it and I will get crackin’! Thanks for the post!

    • Glad to at least make you smile. That post wasn’t near as humorous as any of my other ones, even though I wasn’t it to be funnier in the beginning. I was kind of having a “blah” moment though, so my post suffered from it. Oh well. 😉 Wow, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with the exercising AND the dreams! I really didn’t expect people to relate with me on it, haha! Good for you with running every day. You are my inspiration. I think I feel extra bad about not exercising because *everyone* in church are sooooo athletic, healthy, and in-shape. I guess my body is just…different. Like the rest of me, haha.

      Oh good! I’m really happy you still want to do it. I need to think of a list first, though. Every once in a while, I find myself almost blurting to someone that something is my happy thoughts, and then I realize they wouldn’t get the pun and so I forgot what I was thinking about in the first place. Sometimes it comes back though, so I just need to think. Hard. 😉 Or stare at clouds (or rain. rain always works) and just think/daydream. 🙂 Aaaand that’s when I remember things and can’t figure out if it was a dream or real life. haha


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