A Fantabulous Miracle!

I had quite the adventure today.  I know this is my third post in three days, but I just have to share.  It is absolutely amazing!

Remember how I said that I went to an Aladdin play on Sunday?  It was a blast, but it wouldn’t have been so much fun if I had known what happened while I was there.  I lost my wallet. *gasp*  And I didn’t know it until around lunchtime today.

See, my Dad just recently paid me, and I had forgotten to separate the cash…meaning *all* of it was in my wallet.  Not only that, but also my driver’s permit, gift cards, student ID, and my library card – with the PIN number written on the back since I can’t ever remember it.  Yeah, I’m a genius, I know.  Thankfully, I don’t have any credit/debit cards, so that wasn’t a concern…but I was still VERY concerned.

How did I figure out it was missing?  I just remembered to separate the cash, so I reached into my purse…and couldn’t find my wallet.  I searched through my whole bag, and it wasn’t there.  I looked around my room – not there.  I then enlisted the help of my family.  I called our friends who we had dinner with on Monday, but my wallet wasn’t at their house.  I called our pastor’s wife – she took us to and from the play.  She didn’t have it either.

I was starting to really think that I somehow lost it at Flagstaff High School – where the play was held at.  My brother called the office for me, but they said no one had reported finding a wallet.  After searching the car to make sure it wasn’t there, my brother and I hopped in, and sped over to Flag High – hoping to find my wallet there.  We were given permission to search the auditorium, (they were so helpful! 😀 ) and we soon realized that it wasn’t there.  We looked between the seats, under the seats, across the rows…everything.  No wallet.

At that point, my brother called the woman who manages Flagstaff Youth Theater.  He had been in a play once, so he (thankfully) still had her number.  He asked her if they had cleaned up the auditorium after the play, and she said they did, but she wasn’t the one who dealt with the lost and found, so she gave us the number for the woman who did – Sarah.  My brother called her, and it went straight to her voicemail.  Very discouraged, (and with the certain feeling that somehow I lost my wallet and someone picked it up for keeps) we headed back to the school office.  There, a very kind woman looked in their lost and found, and even called the custodians to see if they had found anything, but alas, nothing came up.

We were about to leave, when Sarah called my brother back.  She happily announced that they had my wallet!! I was soooooo relieved.  I was so happy, I could have jumped up and down right there and then.  Now that I remember, I’m pretty sure that I did. 😀  We joyfully informed the school secretary that we had located my wallet, and then headed off for FYT.

It was only about ten minutes later, and I had my wallet in hand – with everything in it.  Not one thing, not one cent is missing.  Isn’t God so amazing??  He was definitely looking out for me!  Not only did they find my wallet, but they were honest enough to turn it in without taking anything from it.  I feel so blessed!  Things hardly every happen like this – it is definitely a miracle.  With the huge crowd at the play, anyone could have picked it up and pocketed it.  But they didn’t – it was a member of FYT who found it, and an honest member at that.  I’m so grateful! God is so amazing.  Even if I hadn’t found my wallet, though, God would still be amazing.  Whoever would’ve ended up with my wallet must have needed it more than me at that point, I guess.  God is amazing all the time – this was just a manifestation of it. 😀

The first thing I did when I got back home was separate the money, and change to a purse much more secure.  I’m still not sure how it fell out…but I’m determined to be more careful when I mess with my wallet/purse in public.  It was really weird that it happened to me, because I’m not irresponsible, and I’m usually overly cautious when I’m in public.  Obviously, I had a blonde moment.  To say the least. 😛


7 thoughts on “A Fantabulous Miracle!

  1. Oh, Tia, thank God you found it!! I know EXACTLY how you feel. Because about 7 months ago I lost my wallet…I called places and searched and felt terrible. My drivers permit was in there, gift cards, and about 85 dollars…I was sooo panicked and mad at myself. I prayed and asked God to help me accept that that was His will and to show me the lessons to be learned. After a week and a half, I was perfectly content with the fact that God hadn’t revealed to me the whereabouts of my wallet..then a day later Amelia found it in a little bookcase on the bottom shelf…I had searched the house SO many times….it wasn’t even funny. BUT there it was! I gave Amelia 5 dollars(which probably wasn’t enough)…I was so thankful that God willed me to have it after all! So, I feel your relief as well…:)

    • Oh my goodness, that was pretty much the exact contents of my wallet. And most of the money wasn’t even “free” for me to spend…I had already budgeted it elsewhere, just forgotten to separate it. Wow, congrats to Amelia!! At least it was in your house… That makes things a bit easier.

      It’s just about the worst feeling in the world when you lose your wallet. 2nd to locking the keys in the car, actually. That’s pretty much the worst feeling. And I’ve done both. *facepalm* haha I’m so glad you can relate with me!! I was just so thankful that I had to share my excitement and joy!


    • Oh me too! Getting my wallet back was such a miracle. Thanks; I wanted people to know that God isn’t amazing just because I got my wallet back – that He would be amazing no matter what. When things aren’t going quite the way we want them to, we tend to not think of God as amazing – but He still is, and always will be.


  2. wow..thank God you got it back safe!! yes,God is good ALL THE TIME!!! you know Tia,from what I’ve seen(and experienced 😉 ),the over cautious are more prone to losing than the care-free ones 😉 😀 been there!

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