My Happy Thoughts

Ok, so remember how I said I was going to do a happy thoughts post?  Well, here it is!  It’s taken me a bit because I really wanted to capture my happy thoughts on here – from the most random, insignificant thoughts, to epic ones.  In case you don’t understand the term “happy thoughts,” just go watch Peter Pan, and Hook.  You’ll get it then. 😉  They’re pretty amazing movies.

Anyways, this was actually inspired by Maddie over at Madeleine’s Musings.  We collaborated on this, and considering she has a pretty awesome blog, you should definitely go check out her happy thoughts as well.  She and I were just talking before, and I’m pretty sure I said something like, “Watching Johnny Depp movies are my happy thoughts,” and she loved it so much, she said we should both blog about our happy thoughts.  So, here they are.  I hope you enjoy them!  Feel free to share your happy thoughts with me as well!

–Playing the piano.

–Listening to music.

–Watching Monk.

–Home-Cannned Carrots

–Watching I Love Lucy

–Lord of the Rings/Tolkien/The Hobbit

–Johnny Depp


–Hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream

–Peppermint Bark

–Watching movies at the movie theater

–Spending a snow day by playing computer games, and drinking hot cocoa.  (If you know me at all, I NEVER have time to play computer games.  Thus, this is a rare treat – like, only during snow days.)

–Acting like total derks with my bestie, Espie.

–Christian Bale (aka, Batman)

–The Joker

–Receiving comments on my blog!

–Receiving random emails from my friends just to say “hi.”

–Writing books.

–My older brother – when he’s not annoying me. 😉

–Lit candles – seasonal or not.  I love candles.

–Waking up without an oily face, without any new zits, and with dry, good hair.  Rarely happens.

–Reading fantasy novels during a summer thunderstorm

–Listening to Michael Jackson music while showering, and blasting it while doing my makeup.

–Turning on extra bass on my sound system – especially for “The Phantom of the Opera,” and “He’s a Pirate.”

–An exciting game of Spoons at church camp…or anywhere with friends.

–A tense game of Speed.

–The cup game with many players.

–Meeting/hearing about other people who like Johnny Depp and Michael Jackson as well.

–Hearing little children say, “When I was little.” It makes my heart smile.

–Seeing people get excited about my book.

–Gorgeous sunrises.

–The Auralia Thread books. (Auralia’s Colors, Cyndere’s Midnight, Raven’s Ladder, and The Ale Boy’s Feast)

–Jesus Christ

–The song, “Mary Did You Know.”

–Socializing with adults as if I wasn’t at least fifteen years younger than them – and it not being awkward at all.

–My Literature Class last year.  I absolutely loved every moment of it.

–Biology.  Marine Biology.  Advanced Biology.  Doesn’t matter – biology in general is amazing.

–Girl Scout thin mint cookies.

–Hershey’s Symphony Bar with Almonds and Toffee chips.



–Making people laugh.

–A good haircut.

–Oreo cookies.

–Staying up late, sleeping in, and not having any pressing chores to worry about the next day.

–Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

–A full moon in a slightly cloudy night sky

–Climbing into a warm bed

–Music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.  Authentic music – not that Justin Bieber stuff.  I’m talking The Eagles, Styx, Mr. Mister, Top Gun, Beach Boys (okay, so they were earlier), ZZ top, AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses, and Huey Lewis.

–The fact that I LIKE that music, as opposed to many teenagers today who can’t stand listening to anything so “old” like that.  Their loss right?  Styx is still touring!  If I was only twenty-one, I could go to one of their concerts.  Which, I think would be pretty epic considering they were touring when my parents first married…and maybe before then.

–Making people smile.

–Holding a sleeping baby.

–Guy hairdressers.  So. Funny.

–That awkward moment when you arrive at a door with someone else and you can’t decide who should go first.

–Interviews and Behind the Scenes footage of the Lord of the Rings

–My book – the story, rather.  Why else would I write the book if I didn’t like the story, right?

–The verse: Isaiah 40:8, ‘The grass withers, and the flower fades, but the Word of our God stands forever.”  My absolute favorite verse!  When people are so vocal about hating the Word of God, and wanting to extinguish Christianity, or when I read horror stories about Christian missionaries, this verse brings such comfort.  No matter what people try to do, the Word of God will stand forever.

–The Count of Monte Cristo

–Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre

–Captain Jack Sparrow.

–When I get all my school done early and have time to read/blog/watch a movie.

–Book and movie trailers

–Well designed, simple, yet applicable websites.

–People that follow through with what they tell you they are going to do.

–Chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.

–One of my parents surprising me with something when I’m sick – something that is unexpected, but totally makes me feel better.  And no, I’m not talking about a new kind of medicine.  I’m meaning…home baked pizza, warm cookies, a soda, a milkshake – something. 😉

–Soundtracks – such as Prince of Egypt, Spirit, Phantom of the Opera, Master and Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

–My cooking turning out tasty, and people complimenting me on it.  Considering I don’t cook near as much as I should, it makes me happy. 🙂

–Deep, powerful bass music.  Music that seems to move your soul.

–Gerard Butler as Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera

–Watching people play athletic games.

–Attempting to moonwalk.

–My favorite movies: LOTR, Pirates, Master and Commander, Iron Man, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, National Treasure 1 & 2, Race to Witch Mountain, Phantom of the Opera, and Alice in Wonderland.

–Singing contemporary worship songs at church

I’m sure I could come up with much more, but this list is already very long, so I think you get the idea. 🙂  What are your happy thoughts?  And no, you do not need to list near as many as I did. 😉


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