Who knew a concrete step could hurt so much? They’re tricksy, precious.

Hey everybody!  Considering I wrote a huge list on Saturday, I figured today I would give you a basic post.  I know, not my usual Today is Tuesday, but I’ve kind of been blogging about everything on my mind lately, so you are very well informed about my life at the moment.

So yesterday, I was at church.  No shocker there.  After the service, our church always has a potluck, and then about 1 1/2 hours of fellowship time – talking, teasing, playing, punching, laughing loudly, etc.  Most of the youth go out to a field behind the building and play football, soccer, or Ultimate Frisbee.  Now, considering this group is very competitive, if you get between the ball/frisbee and the players, you’re basically going to die.  Thus, also considering that I’m not athletic, I don’t participate in those games.  However, one of my happy thoughts is watching people play athletic games, so I like to go out and watch them play.

MJJ (my baby brother) really likes to watch them play as well.  He gets so excited, and I usually have a hard time keeping him from trying to crawl out there with them.  Yesterday, I decided to take him out to the field with me, and my sister decided to tag along.  We were all having a great time, and MJJ even got his own frisbee to play with while watching.  Eventually, I realized that the game was extremely boring and decided to go back inside.  At that point, we had been sitting on some concrete steps that make up an ampitheatre right by the field.  Those steps are at least eighteen inches deep (just think: HUGE steps) and covered in gravel.  I was wearing these snazzy red heels – that my friends have affectionately dubbed my “Dorothy-with-attitude” shoes.

As I stepped down to get to the sidewalk at the bottom of the ampitheater, BOTH of the heels on my shoes caught on the edge of the step.  I fell.  Hard.  There’s something very strange (and wonderful!) about it all though.  With how my shoes caught, and knowing the laws of motion, I should have faceplanted.  I should have slightly fractured my tibia, or at least sprained my ankle.  But somehow, I landed upright with my legs folded underneath me – crossed in a completely modest way.

Now here’s another twist to it.  I was holding MJJ at that moment.  Had I faceplanted, he would have bore the brunt of it, which would have been absolutely horrible.  But he was the farthest from danger – sitting in my lap.  He probably even enjoyed the thrill of falling.

All I can think is that God worked a miracle right then and there.  The sensation of falling was strange…it wasn’t like a normal fall.  God prevented me from faceplanting, and hurting my little brother.  Yes, it hurt.  After a few minutes, though, I was able to stand, and walk back inside without a limp.  I tore my right shoe, and scuffed my left one, but not even the heels broke.  My knees were scratched and bleeding, but that was the extent of the damage.  I didn’t even know my left leg was bleeding until my sister pointed it out to me.  Now, after about 10-15 minutes, the pain really started to kick in.

By that evening, I was SO stiff and couldn’t walk easily at all.  Apparently, I really tensed up when I fell, and my muscles did not react so well to it.  Today, my left leg doesn’t hurt that much at all, but my right leg still hurts really bad.  I’m taking ibuprofen for it, and I hope the pain goes away soon.  It hurts from my ankle to my hip…and I walk with a limp at the moment.

However, I am so blessed!  God is incredible.  I didn’t fall how the law of motion requires, I didn’t fracture my leg, and I didn’t even sprain my ankle.  Yeah, I’m feeling a lot of pain now, but it could have been SO MUCH worse.  Once again, all I can think is that somehow God intervened on my behalf.  Well, and MJJ’s.  I don’t even want to imagine what would’ve happened to him if I had faceplanted.  My Dad mentioned that it was my natural motherly instinct kicking in, and that may be part of it, but it was God.  Plain and simple.  He prevented the worst from happening.

You know what another strange thing is?  I fell right in front of everyone on the field, and no one saw it.  Not one of them! How that happened, I have no idea.  I’m very thankful, though, because I’m pretty sure it looked very awkward. 😉

Now, I think I’m going to take some more ibuprofen. 😉


2 thoughts on “Who knew a concrete step could hurt so much? They’re tricksy, precious.

    • Amen to that! God has full control of every situation…no matter how painful it may be. I’m so thankful for God bringing me through that without harm. Or rather, much harm. 😀


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