Hello everyone!  I would like to let all of you know that as of last night, I am a published author!!  Several of you knew that my book was coming soon….  Well, the time has come!  I am so excited!!  God has been so faithful during this time, and has enabled me to go through with this.  It has been through His strength, and His strength alone, that I have made it this far.  I will be ordering a case of books to sell personally, but if you would like to order your own copy now, you can purchase it from:

If you order it, it will probably be quicker than waiting to purchase it from me.  Due to finances, I cannot order my own case of books for about two weeks.  However, if you order it from me, I can ship an autographed copy – if you would like.  Either way, I greatly appreciate your support.  This has been four long years of hard work, determination, perseverance, and joy.

Again, let me encourage you to visit my website:

My novel will also be available on Kindle eBook in a few weeks.  Exciting, right?  I’m pretty much ecstatic.

You can also order my book off this Amazon page, but I must say that the first link listed is my preferred sales channel.

I would love to know what you think of everything!  The time has finally come!!  The book is finally here!! 😀  It will make a great Christmas present!  Also, if you could share this with your friends and family, I would be so grateful!!

12 thoughts on “OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED!!!!!

  1. oh wow!!! the wait is finally over!!! Many Congratulations Tia..I know this is a very special moment for you and I’m so glad to be sharing in it 🙂 God has worked in wondrous ways!!!! Looking forward to read it!!! Proud of u!! and all the very best to you!

    • Thank you so much, LynAn! Yes, the wait is finally over!! It feels so surreal to finally have it published…but it’s wonderful. 😀 When you buy a copy, and read it, you’ll have to let me know if you approve of how I portrayed India. (The characters in my book travel to India.) Your aunt, Angela Dorcas, really helped me with it and gave me lots of information to make it more accurate. She’s also in my acknowledgements. I can’t wait to hear what you think of my book!

      Again, thanks so much! 😀


        • Absolutely! She helped me from at least semi-butchering your amazing country! 😀 I emailed back and forth with her a few times, and even emailed with one of her friends. They told me all about India…so I hope it shows to be true in my book.

          Thanks! I look forward to hearing what you think. 😀


    • Aww, thanks Maddie. 😀 I really appreciate your comment!! They are definitely my happy thoughts…. Haha, even after that post, “happy thoughts” is still a common phrase for me. 😉 I really hope that many do enjoy it!! I hope that my words/writing will affect others. Thanks so much!!


  2. Hey Tia,

    Congratulations !. I am soo happy for you. I have to read your book for sure. Will order it soon. But, I sure want an autographed one. Let me know when you are ready with your own batch and I will order one. 🙂 Congratulations again Gal.


    • Hi Angel! Thank you SO much!! I really appreciate it. 😀 Oh it would be my pleasure to autograph a copy for you. Just email me your address so I can calculate the shipping costs and let you know the total amount. Again, thanks so much! You’ve made my day. 😀


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