A Dinner Conversation in a Homeschool Family

What are your dinner conversations usually like?  Normal?  “Wasn’t it cold today?  How’d school go? Get your homework done?  How was work?”  These are probably normal topics, and admittedly, are commonly breached at our dinner table.  However, this last week, we had quite the interesting conversation.  I’ll spare you the details, but here’s the jist.

We had somehow reached the topic of life not existing on other planets, because there wouldn’t be any water.  So, being smart like I am, I mentioned that maybe they don’t NEED water, maybe they exist totally different from how we do – like they’re body systems are totally different and they don’t have any of the same needs.  So, perhaps there IS life on other planets.  (Of course, all this was done sarcastically – I do not believe in life on other planets.)

My sister and I went on to describe how different another planet somewhere in an unknown galaxy could be.

–Clouds would be cotton candy

–Snow would be powdered sugar

–Rivers (or any water, rather) would be chocolate

–Dirt would be unsweetened cocoa

–Dust would be brown sugar

–Rocks would be buckeyes (peanut butter balls covered in chocolate)

–Glaciers would be peppermint bark

–Sunrises would be caramel

–Lava would orange/red Jello

–Leaves would be thin flakes of toffee

–Tree bark would be peanut brittle

–The sky would be blue frosting

–Mountains would be Rocky Road Ice Cream

–And clay would be brownies.

We have way too much time on our hands.  Time + homeschooled + holiday baking =a new planet made entirely out of sweets.

“Let heaven and earth praise him, the seas and all that move in them” (Psalm 69:34)


6 thoughts on “A Dinner Conversation in a Homeschool Family

  1. Ok so take this conversation, multiply it by a gross factor of about a bazillion (thank you 4 younger brothers), then add two other conversations going on at the same time. Typical Italiana dinner.

    • Sounds thrilling. 😉 haha I’m sure it’s always an interesting experience at your dinner table. It might actually be fun to watch. You know, if we ever do our reunion thing. Which I’m hoping will happen someday!


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