Catching Up

Since the second my book was published, my life has kind of exploded in a wonderful way.  It instantaneously complicated and became about ten times more crazy/busy/hectic.  Who knew that calculating book orders, receiving/separating checks and cash, keeping track of money, and contacting buyers would take so much time?  I certainly didn’t.  This could be a full time job for me!  Which…would be pretty awesome.  I’m loving it, and I’m sure it won’t last for long at all, but it has amazed me how busy I’ve been.  Hence, why my blogging schedule has kind of crumbled.  So, today is catch up time.

–Christmas is almost here.  I can’t believe it!  This year has gone by SO fast.  Also, The Hobbit comes out on Friday!  Anyone more excited than me?  Well, I can think of a few friends I know…  Such as one who mentions it in almost every blog post (*cough*Rachael*cough*).  Yes, we are all very excited!  What can I say?  I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan, I love Tolkien’s work, Middle Earth is amazing, and the Hobbit Part 1 comes out in four days!  That practically screams excitement.

–The Dark Knight Rises came out on DVD and Blu-Ray a week ago!  I think I’m a bit more excited for that than the Hobbit, actually.  I’ve been dropping major hints that it would be an amazing Christmas present, and I think my hints worked.  Only problem is I now have to wait fourteen days to watch it…..  I really wanted to buy the Dark Knight Trilogy (since I don’t own any of the movies), but they only come in Blu-Ray, and that would be a problem because then I couldn’t watch them on my laptop.  Which would kind of defeat the purpose of owning them.  Anyway, I think I’m still going to receive the trilogy for Christmas, but not in Blu-Ray.  So excited!

–I made Peppermint Bark the other day.  This is pretty much a family favorite and we devour it.  It’s easy, and only uses a few dishes, which means easy clean-up.  Yes, I judge the relevance of recipes by the amount of dishes it will take to make it.  Now, I have to make Buckeyes, which are amazing.  A few of my cousins down in Southern Arizona have requested that I ship some to them, so I hope to do that soon.  Okay, so they requested it last year and that never happened.  I figure they’ll be really surprised and happy to find it at their doorstep this year, right? 😉

–I have been reading the book of Proverbs – that is, besides all the Bible reading I have to do for school.  Proverbs is so insightful, and just plain practical.  I have really enjoyed going through it, and I feel like God has breathed a breath of fresh air into my spirit and revived my interest in reading His word on my own.  Isn’t it awesome when God does that??

–Last but certainly not least, I leave you with my favorite song and clip from the Lion King movies.  This is “My Lullaby” from The Lion King 2, and arguably the most chilling and thrilling song in the movies.  Enjoy!


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