Rising star

Hey everybody!  Our local newspaper, The Arizona Daily Sun, interviewed me about my book this past week, and the article made the front page today!  Praise God!  I was SO excited to see it on the front page.  You can read the article here: Rising star.

Here’s the photo they took of me:

Let me know what you think!  So exciting!


16 thoughts on “Rising star

  1. Awesome, Courtney! Your bright face and wholesome story warmed a lot of hearts and brought smiles to faces when people picked up their newspapers this morning. The article is sure to help with your book sales, also! Congratulations!

  2. Oh wow Tia,you are making it big,aren’t you ??? So very proud of you.And that’s a very pretty picture of you! Being the rising star that you are,I wish that you rise greater heights and keep going in the direction of your dreams.You are a true inspiration Tia! Falling short of words!

    • Haha, it really was amazing to see the article in the paper! Thank you SO much. 😀 It was so thrilling to be interviewed and knew that I would be in the paper…. I was shocked to see it on the front page, though! That was awesome. Aww, thanks. I have to say, I like the photo too. I’m not that photogenic, so when a good photo of me shows up, it makes me happy. haha Thanks so much… It’s all so exciting. Who knows where God will take this book! 🙂 Thanks again


    • Hey there,

      It sounds intriguing! Email me at: therubyvial@commspeed.net to talk more about it, what it entails, etc. I’m not sure exactly what you’d want me to talk about, or how we’d collaborate, so emailing about it would be great. 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me, and it’s so awesome that you found me through the newspaper. 😉


    • Thanks!! I’m glad you enjoyed it… I’m pretty pleased with how the article came out. I was a little nervous that they might misquote me or something, but thankfully, they didn’t! Thanks again! 😀


  3. Incredibly late comment is late 😦 My life has been insane lately. Christmas was crazy. Two weeks ago I spent 6-8 hours a day working the lights and sound for a play and last week I was studying for finals. And when I’m not busy with school, Marie and I have been reading your book 😉 Chapter 11, baby. We’re on a roll.

    • Wow, sounds crazy. Oh finals…the joy of high school. Hey, you guys are getting there! Since you both have your own books now, (just a suggestion) wouldn’t it be faster to read separately and then talk about it? Not that I want to rush you or anything – I just know that if I take a long time to read a book, I start forgetting what’s actually going on. Especially if I’m reading other books at the same time, haha. Anyways, I’m so excited you both are reading it!! 😀


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