Thoughts on the Pale Orc

Many of you have probably noticed that I have been lacking in my blogging skills.  All is well – just the holidays, book orders, and correspondence have put me a bit behind.  However, today I’d like to go back to “The Hobbit” again for a moment.

My previous post on The Hobbit has astounded me with all the views I’ve received.  I’ve received hundreds of views on that post alone since publishing it – everyday my site stats have soared into the hundred zone.  From looking at my Google referrers, I found out why.  If someone Googles a search term that has the words “pale orc” in it, my blog comes up on the top results.  Thus, lots of views.  What comes with lots of views?  Differing opinions.  I have had multiple comments on that post either criticizing or defending my review.  Actually, only two defending.  The rest were critics.

I have to say, that review wasn’t a general review – it was my opinion about the movie.  I also want to point out that I don’t mind other people enjoying the  Pale Orc and loving “The Hobbit” movie.  Not at all – in fact, I relish hearing about different opinions and learning new things.  All I ask is that others have an open mind about my opinions as well.

So, in view of that, I’m taking a poll.  It seems like the majority of Hobbit viewers love, or at least like, the Pale Orc.  Is this true?  Vote below – I’d love to see what the general populace thinks of the Pale Orc.




7 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Pale Orc

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  2. Hmm, methinks there is a lot of hate for the Pale Orc…… he IS in Tolkeins appendices!

    But why? I hear a lot of reviews such as this,

    After you read the part concerning the Pale Orc, many would (sadly) agree.

    But again, I say why?

    The “Fellowship of the Ring” (movie) Has a Mumakil’s load of discrepancies,

    1. No Tom Bombadil, and no Barrow-Wights, even though they were pivotal points in the book.

    2. The time difference when Gandalf leaves Bilbo’s Party is nine YEARS, not nine days.

    3. The Fellowship actually DID cross part of the gap of Rohan in order to get to the mines of Moria. (This last one is very contradictory, but seriously, look at a map.)

    4. And much, much more, not including the 2Towers, and RotK.

    Now, did the people who hate the Pale Orc and other discrepancies in the hobbit -NOTICE- these in the original LotR series?

    the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies should not be taken as a pure substitution for the books, they should be considered as an additive or better yet, an interpretation of the book, they ain’t the gospel truth, besides, no one can possibly know (including his family) how Tolkien envisioned everything, he made a ton of appendices to add info later.

    I don’t see any balance in this argument, only unfair duality!

    Now, I am not saying that everyone that hates the Pale Orc is a biased bigot; I would just like some better POV.

    Peter Jackson, and some others, read the hobbit….. No big surprise due to the fact that they are making a movie off of what they read, but that is the point that I am trying to make, this movie is what Ol’ PJ and Co envisioned the movie as, not to go directly “by the book” but to provide a entertaining perspective of what the book MIGHT be, not SHOULD be.

    I would like to create a whole essay on this, but life is short, and Crysys 3 was released yesterday, so i need to cut this short.

    In the end, I am not criticizing your poll, but I am only warning you and the morons on PAJIBA. (you are not one of them, thankfully), do not be single minded about PJ’s intentions when he made the movie, the Pale Orc, Radagast, and a multitude of others are characters created to enhance other characters, not to mock J.R.R Tolkeins Books.

    Joshua Dingman, A balanced Tolkien studier.

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