The BEST vacation…ever

We had the most amazing vacation.  If you didn’t catch that memo on my last blog post, I mentioned that my family and I were going on a two-week vacation.  We just got back Sunday night, and I have to tell you, I was SO sad to come back.  I absolutely loved the vacation, the scenery, the country, the places, and the tourism, but most importantly, the people.  We were able to reunite with people we haven’t seen for fifteen years.  It was SO incredible.

I’ve decided that cousins are the best people ever, and I can’t wait to see them again!  I hope we can go back next year.  My uncle and aunt were extremely hospitable and fun and forgiving (sorry for getting water on your floor after the water fight, Aunt Anne!) and were pretty much open to anything and everything.  We spent a day at their museum (followed that night with a girls’ night pedicure!), a day at the lake attempting to water ski, a day chilling and playing games with all the cousins for the 4th (and eating the most amazing home-smoked pork I have EVER tasted), a day with more games and floating down the river (in which we got caught in a sudden storm and had to bail ourselves out of the river, trudge across fields of thorn bushes, try not to freeze, and figure out how to get all the water and mud off without taking a shower in the thunderstorm), one day in Cody, two days camping in Yellowstone (which was/is amazing!!), two more days of fun and games with cousins, one day at Mount Rushmore, and then the rest of the days traveling!  We traveled through Farson, Wyoming, which has THE BIGGEST ice cream scoop EVER.  Seriously.  Just one scoop is…insanely huge – and they have SO many flavors!  Even Moosetracks!!

So where were we exactly?  Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota.  We mainly stayed in Wyoming, which is SO beautiful, and I really want to move there someday.  I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I really hope to move there.  It is plagued with Mosquitoes, but I discovered the saving grace of bug spray, so I made it out of there with only two Mosquito bites!! (This is big, guys.)  I may not have smelled the greatest (after all, bug spray STINKS), but I didn’t care – my family accepted me and the bugs stayed away!  That’s all that mattered.

We also discovered the Delores, Colorado has HUGE “small” milkshakes that are to die for.  And Edgemont, South Dakota has a Mom & Pop joint that makes super sweet but delicious Smoothies and Cappucinos.  And in Rock Springs, there is a Sonic that is dine-in.  I was psyched to find that out, and considering it was after 8 PM, of course we had to go get their half-price shakes. 🙂

Mount Rushmore is incredible – it was so awesome to see in person.  My siblings and I hiked the Presidential Trail…which is marked as “strenuous” but didn’t even accelerate my heart beat.  That was pleasantly surprising, considering I do not exercise on a regular basis.

Yellowstone is amazing, but there were SO many tourists there that the only animals we saw were Bison, Deer, and Elk.  We have Deer and Elk (mainly Elk) in Flagstaff (my home town) so that wasn’t all that exciting.  It was cool to see the first few Bison, but I REALLY wanted to see a Moose…and they stayed hidden.  I hope to go back there sometime when it’s colder and there are less tourists, and hopefully see more animals.  I have a couple of cousins who go there every year in the spring and fall and they ALWAYS see tons of bears and moose, so I’m thinking that’s the time to go! 🙂

We also traveled through Flaming Gorge, the Bighorn Mountains, and were able to glimpse the Grand Tetons.  We’re hoping to go back there next year and see the Grand Tetons better.  We could have experienced the Hot Springs in Thermopolis (which is only about forty-five minutes from where we were staying), but we decided to spend extra time with the relatives instead.  I’m so glad we did!  After all, it was really hot, so the Hot Springs didn’t sound that appealing anyway.  Oh and I discovered that sleeping in a Walmart parking lot isn’t the best idea.  Haha!

I miss my cousins a lot, and can’t wait to see them again!  They’re absolutely fantastic.  And my Uncle grills the best hamburgers, and smokes the best pork EVER.  Just sayin’.  I also got a really nice tan from being out on the water so much, which is awesome considering I never tan!  It’ll probably fade really quickly (it already has some) but it was fantastic while it lasted!

This vacation has definitely put my priorities in perspective, which I guess is what vacations are meant for!  I have a clearer picture of what I want to do now, and (semi) plans for my future.  Most of those “plans” involve being totally and completely open to whatever God gives to me – which is exciting!  So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to!  You?


2 thoughts on “The BEST vacation…ever

  1. amazing!!! that’s a lot of places to visit 😉 This post has excitement written all over it!! Looks like you had the time of your life!!! Very happy for you Tialla!!! and your current theme is superb!!! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, LynAn, it was utterly amazing!!! My family and I had SO much fun, and it was fantastic being able to visit all the places we did. I’m so blessed that God gave us the funds we needed to do it!

      And thanks! I was a little bored with the old one, so I changed it. 😉 Not sure how long it will last though, haha!


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