Sometimes, life just happens, and slows things down.

Yeah, pretty much.

I am going through writing withdrawals.  I haven’t been able to write in my book since Thursday of last week (August 22nd).  In case you’re wondering, writing this book has pretty much become my full time job as of late…and as expected, I absolutely love it.  It’s so wonderful being able to write something and know that I’ll eventually be paid for my effort!  Not to mention the reward of just writing that comes so naturally to me.  Also, considering I have been writing over ten pages every day, not being able to write since Thursday is slowly killing me.  I may or may not be exaggerating. 😉

I suppose I’ve been too lax in letting all of you, my wonderful readers, know where I’m at in my second book.  I currently have 284 pages written – with about 72,000 words.  I have a feeling that I am about one third of the way through – I know, this might be a long book.  Oh well – I like long books!  I mean, what book lover doesn’t?  The challenge in just looking at a long book and determining to read it – all of it – is worth it in itself.  Besides, I’ve had several people exclaim that Holding the Future Hostage is really long, and then read the whole thing in less than a week – many accomplishing it in 24-hour periods.  In the end, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

We already have the cover design created as well.  I say “we,” because I didn’t do it myself, and I just feel weird saying “I have the cover design already” ya know?  However, also have at least three people set up to edit and proofread my novel – all who are marvelous and amazing friends.  I totally look forward to hearing back from them about my book!  I also have someone lined up to format my interior file to ready it for publication, and someone to convert it to e-Book.  Basically, all I have to do now is write the darned thing.  Actually, even that is going pretty fast.  I think it seems easier this time because I’ve already been through the whole process before, and I’ve learned easier ways of doing things.  I know what I want, how I want it, and what I need to do to get it – and in a timely manner.  I’m also going by a sort-of-outline this time, so that’s keeping me on track and helps lessen the dull “writer block” moments.  Believe me, I still get writers block, just not as much.

So by now, you may be biting at the bit – wondering why I haven’t possibly written since Thursday.  Well, I don’t really have any good excuse except for the fact that I’m sick.  I woke up Friday morning with a scratchy throat and congested sinuses, and it’s gone downhill from there.  I feel pretty miserable…my breathing is so constricted that every time I try to talk or move around I cough my lungs out. (Not literally.  Thankfully.)

I’ve begun Day 1 of antibiotics and I hope that helps kick this thing.  My head is pounding, my sinuses are clogged, my throat is hoarse, and my lungs are wheezing.  However, on the bright side, we have lots of medicines to help.  I’m fully indulged in WATER (best thing possible); medicinal teas with GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract), NatureCillin (kind of like penicillin, but natural), and Echinacea; Tylenol; antibiotics; Dayquil; and Nyquil.  Oh Nyquil, how I love thee.  You produce the best sleep possible, even if it is ridiculously hard to wake up in the morning.

Haha that’s about right.

Also on the bright side is the fact that I haven’t had a cold this bad for a long time.  And the fact that it’s a cold and not a stomach virus is extraordinarily comforting.  Stomach pains/viruses are the absolute worse for me…I’d rather have pretty much anything else over a stomach problem.  I definitely have a lot to thank the Lord for – He was pleased to give me a cold instead of a stomach problem this time.  Thank you God.

So yeah.  Here’s to hoping for a rapid recovery, not only just to feel better, but so I can start writing again.  I hope to make it to 300 pages before my birthday on September 13th.  Think I can do it?

Oh, and by the way, check out these two interviews by Sarah Holman over at Homeschool Authors, and Kaitlyn Deann.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Sometimes, life just happens, and slows things down.

  1. Oh no! Get better soon! I totally understand the whole withdrawal thing. It happens while editing too, because you’re so focused on editing you don’t do any free writing. Really, though, get better and keep writing!! ❤ 😀

    • Thanks Kaitlyn! Yeah, I remember going through withdrawals while editing HTFH. There’s just something about free creative writing that fills a void like nothing else can. 😉 Thanks! I hope to possibly get some done today! Hopefully! haha ♥


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