Every Author Needs an Editor

Hello everyone!

I am now offering editing, ghostwriting, and review services!  I have a page entirely dedicated to this – that way, you don’t have to dig this post up again. 🙂


Allow me to edit your work for you!

Have a document you would like to present or publish, but you need an extra pair of eyes to catch typos?  (Believe me, we all do.)  Let me be your extra pair of eyes, and I’ll work with you to perfect your document!

Are you super busy and have a story in your mind, but don’t have time to actually write it?  I’ll help write it with you!  Or, maybe you have a great plot and great ideas, but you can’t seem to get it down fluidly?  Let me assist you – I offer many ghostwriting options such as writing paragraphs to even pages for clients.

Not quite at the editing stage yet, but you would like someone else’s opinion of it?  An unbiased, typical reader opinion?  I’ll review it for you!  This is a great way to find out about strengthening your plot, developing your characters, and fixing inconsistencies – all of which are difficult to know about as the author yourself.  You’re so close to it; it’s nigh on impossible to pick out the weak areas.  I’ll help you find those and suggest ways to correct them!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, click for the specifics: Ruby Vial Editing.

Want to do this thing?  Click here to fill out the form and contact me!


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