Q&A Vlog!

Hey guys!

So, I’ve had some requests for a vlog.  I’m seriously considering it, but I have NO idea what to talk about.  That’s where YOU come in.  I’d like to start my first vlog off as a sorta get-to-know me Q&A.  Basically, ask me whatever question you would like me to answer in the vlog and I will definitely answer it!  (Well…as long as it’s appropriate. Haha)

So, ask me your question, and hashtag it #TiaVlog  so I know it’s for the vlog and not for me to answer now.  Looking forward to seeing the questions!  You can email it to me if you’d rather, but I will say your name/username if I feature your question in the vlog…unless you ask to remain anonymous, I suppose. 😉


5 thoughts on “Q&A Vlog!

  1. I know a lot of teenagers who love to write, but very few who have actually pursued their dreams and worked to get published. What made you decide to actually publish your work? I think it’s so cool that you have followed your dreams! 🙂 #TiaVlog

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