Well, it’s been a few weeks since I last blogged.  No, I do not have my first vlog up yet, but I’m working on it!  I don’t have enough time to film it all at once, so the vlog will be a compilation of me answering questions on different days, in different outfits, in different areas of my house.  Basically, whatever is convenient for me at the moment.  Just a reminder, if you have a question to ask me, hashtag it #TiaVlog in the comments, and I’ll answer it in my vlog.

However, since I last blogged, I have three updates on Holding the Future Hostage!

Update One:

My book cover is updated!


The most obvious difference on this cover is the Readers’ Favorite Seal – which they gave me after their Five-Star Review of my book.  The other minor differences are on the back:

It now reads “Mystical Bottle” instead of “Magic Bottle.”  (I’ve had a few people concerned about the ‘magic’ in my book when they look at my back cover.  I realized it’s misleading because the Ruby Vial is more mystical than outright magical.  So, in order to relieve customers, I changed the text.

Updated and shortened summary.  After I published HTFH, I rewrote the summary for fliers – and I’ve always loved that summary MUCH more.  It is more intense, realistic, to-the-point, and plays on emotions a bit.

Updated author bio.  My old bio began with “Tialla Rising is a homeschooled high school student….”  It has been kind of awkward since I graduated high school when people look at my book and ask, “Oh, what grade are you in?”  I then have to explain that I’m graduated…and I think of all those people who don’t take the time to ask….  It’s just a little misleading.  So, it now reads, “Tialla Rising is a Christian young woman….”  Shorter, to the point, and fairly timeless (at least for a long while).

I’m very happy with this new cover and I hope you guys like it as well!

Update Two:

There are now twelve reviews for HTFH on Amazon!  This makes me excited, even though I know it doesn’t compare to all those other books that have hundreds of reviews.  I’m even more excited when I realize that eight of those reviews are 5-stars, three are 4-stars, and only one is a 3-star (and this was just because my book is sci-fi, and the reader doesn’t care for sci-fi – not because of the writing itself).  Isn’t that exciting?

Also, whenever I think of that Readers’ Favorite 5-star review, I get excited to a whole new level all over again. XD

Update Three:

Holding the Future Hostage is now available on Nook!  For the longest time, it was only available on Kindle.  However, with help from the fabulous Aubrey Hansen, it is now available on Nook as well.  I’m super jazzed about this because my family has Nook, not Kindle.  My Grandma, Dad, Mom, and myself all have Nooks.  I can’t even begin to express how excited my Grandma was when she saw my book on her Nook. 😉

Also, my book only costs $3.99 on Nook.  It is $6.99 on Kindle and $16.99 in paperback, so getting it on Nook is by far the best deal.


Oh, did I not mention this earlier?  XD  I’m also hosting a giveaway.  Now, I’m doing this completely on my own – no help with Goodreads or RaffleCopter, unfortunately.  We’ll see how it goes, haha.

Here are the guidelines:

The most active user on my blog (as in likes, comments, shares, etc) FOR THE NEXT MONTH will receive a free, autographed copy of Holding the Future Hostage!*

By May 14th, I will email the winner.

If the winner declines the book for whatever reason, the gift will go to the 2nd most active user.  If they don’t want it, game over.


I’m looking forward to this!  Please note that even if you already have a copy or don’t actually want it yourself (maybe action-adventure sci-fi isn’t your thing), you could always gift it to someone else.  I will ask you how you would like it autographed before I sign it.

*I can only ship to readers in the U.S., unfortunately.

Update on Book Two:

Book Two is coming along nicely!  I’m in my last round of editing before I send it to my proofreaders.  Since I started writing it June of 2013, I wanted to have it published by June of 2014 (THIS June, in case you didn’t catch that), so I could sell it alongside HTFH at our homeschooler’s convention in July.

I’m also talking about this in my vlog, but for the past two months, I’ve been pushing myself harder than I ever have before.  I’ve been working on it nonstop and feeling guilty if I didn’t get work done on it.  I eventually burned myself out and lost motivation to continue.  Finally, I came to a realization:

My writing will always be here.  The people I love will not be.

Therefore, I’ve decided to stop sacrificing my time with them just so I can write.  I know being an author and a writer is who I am, but people come first.  This is a hard transition for me since I have made such a habit out of defending my writing time with steak knives (metaphorically, of course).

This is what I have started to tell myself:

-If it’s not published in time for the convention this year, that’s perfectly fine.  There’s always next year.  I can use this year to create pre-publication buzz.  It’s a good thing to market before publication anyway.

-If I don’t get any writing done in a day, it’s all right.

-If I’m stuck and don’t feel motivated to write, then I NEED TO TAKE A BREAK.  I won’t get anywhere with a dead-tired brain.

-If I push myself too hard, I will wring out my creative process and will not produce my best work.  That will just take more time later on in editing and revising when I have to cut/change all that writing.

To solidify changing my priorities I took the entire last week off from writing and editing.  This weekend, I started purchasing images for my new book trailer.  I’ve created a basic template for the text I’ll use in it.  This break has really helped reinvigorate me and I’m ready to get back into editing now.

That is what has been going on with me lately!  You?  How’s life?  I miss chatting with my readers, so please let me know what you think of this post, or what’s going on in your life lately.

Happy Reading!


P.S. If you really want to know what my life is like on a day-to-day basis, you should totally follow me on Instagram.  XD


9 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Hey Tia! I think the changes in the cover has come out well, I’m quite sure that the back cover looks amazing too! 12 reviews is indeed a great thing! So happy and excited for you! God bless you much! 🙂

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