Escape into Fiction: The Pirate Daughter’s Promise

I recently read Molly Evangeline’s debut novel, “The Pirate Daughter’s Promise.”

My review:

This book takes readers on quite the adventure!  I truly enjoyed it.  I have to say, it’s definitely a Christian Pirates of the Caribbean, but without Captain Jack Sparrow.  The main girl is kidnapped by pirates, a young man named Will fights to go after her, they stop at Tortuga, etc.  While some might not like the close similarities, I really enjoyed it.  It was fun, whimsical, daring, and entertaining.

The story was engaging, and I found myself reluctant to put the book down.  There were many plot twists that I definitely did not expect – several which kept me on the edge of my seat.  Kate’s character was well-developed and relatable.

However, the writing in this book – while acceptable – isn’t strong.  There is heavy use of adverbs and extra dialogue/inner thoughts that I often felt wasn’t necessary and rather distracting.  Other than Kate, the characters were pretty flat and lacking in development.  Even though I could read their inner thoughts, I never truly *felt* their emotion – aside from in the prologue.  Also, the POV was an issue in several scenes.  For example, in one paragraph, the POV could change from Skye, to Captain Kelley, to Will.  I was often disoriented.

Even with the writing issues, I loved the storyline and thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I recommend it to anyone who loves adventure, pirates, strong faith, clean morals, wholesome romance, and young love.  I give it a solid 3 ½ stars.


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