Escape into Fiction: Every Tear

Today I am reviewing the novel, “Every Tear” by Molly Evangeline.  This book is actually the sequel to “The Pirate Daughter’s Promise,” which I reviewed a few weeks ago.

Book Summary:

Aside from the nagging and sometimes troubling memories and questions of his past, life for Will over the last year has been truly blessed. His relationship with Skye grows daily as he plans and prepares a future life for them. However, all he has envisioned is endangered by an unexpected stranger with a shocking identity. Suddenly, Will learns more about his past than he thought he’d ever know, but it comes at a steep price when he and everyone closest to him are thrown into the middle of a dangerous plot that threatens all their lives.

Every Tear, the moving sequel to The Pirate Daughter’s Promise, is an example of how God never leaves our side, even in our most troubling and sorrowful moments, taking every tear into account.

My Review:

After finishing “The Pirate Daughter’s Promise” (Book One), I was fairly excited to read this next book, which would be told from Will’s point of view.  I looked forward to learning more about his character and how he dealt with the problems of life.

I absolutely loved how respectful Will was – as a person in general, including toward his enemies on the pirate ship, and *especially* toward Skye’s father.  I feel like in this day and age, many young men wouldn’t even think about giving that respect to their girl’s father, so I greatly appreciated it in this novel.  It was a breath of fresh air.

The book was much longer than the first, and I have to admit, I felt like it was too long.  It tended to lag in places, with several scenes containing unnecessary (and often repetitive) dialogue and/or narration.  It was particularly slow in the beginning, so it took me awhile to get into it.  There was also more telling vs. showing than I normally care for, and multiple mid-paragraph POV switches – which was confusing at times.  There was also a huge amount of crying in this book.  I suppose I should have anticipated that, considering the title, but it seemed like at least someone was crying in nearly every other scene.  It was a little much, in my opinion.

Even with those things, I enjoyed the storyline.  I found myself wanting to know what would happen next, and trying to come up with the solutions to their dire situations.  I enjoyed getting to know more about the characters, and greatly appreciated the sincere kindness of nearly all of them.  I loved hearing about what John and Kate were doing, as well as seeing the fruit of their work on Silas’ island.  I also appreciated the plot twist with seemingly innocent and overly polite Stephan.

All in all, I enjoyed the book.


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