Birthday Update

It’s been a few weeks since my birthday (September 13th), however, this was the first birthday I spent away from my parents, so it was rather significant.  Thus, I thought a blog post might be fun to let you know how I celebrated.  I turned 19, by the way.

Can you believe I started this blog when I was 14?  It feels like it can’t possibly be that long ago.  To all my readers who have been with me the whole time, thank you very much!  I can’t help but laugh at my oldest posts, so when I say thank you, I really mean it. 😉  These past few years have definitely been quite the journey of growing-up for me – and I’m sure the next few years will be the same.

So I thought it might be nice to post a fairly recent photo of myself….

This was from the AFHE Convention back in July, but it's pretty much the most recent photo I have of myself. Haha

This was from the AFHE Convention back in July, but it’s pretty much the most recent photo I have. Haha

Anyway, what did I do to celebrate?  Well….

–I got a full set of gel nails.  If you don’t know, gel nails are basically acrylic nails, but gel is more gentle on the natural nail, and won’t tear the natural nail if it breaks off.

I used to never paint my nails because the nail polish would always chip off within the next couple days and I didn’t have the time to keep fixing them…which meant they just looked worse than if I didn’t paint them to begin with.  However, “fake” nails always look nice, and I can change the color every 2-3 weeks with fills.

I started with purple:



And then changed to white with gold glitter tips just a few days ago.  I thought the gold was a nice touch for a bit of fall, and I think it looks SO pretty.  I’m very happy with how it turned out.



So yes – I have turned into that girl who takes joy in pretty nails.  Don’t judge me.  I know, it’s totally vain and pretty much useless…but I like it, and I’m spending my own hard-earned money on it.

Moving on….

-My grandparents took me out to BBQ for dinner.  Which was absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious and SO fantastic.  Oh my goodness.

-I went to the drive-in movies!  This has totally been on my bucket list and I’ve been dying to go to a drive-in movie all summer.  We don’t have one in my hometown, but there’s a drive-in here!  I saw “When the Game Stands Tall,” and “The Giver.”  I enjoyed both, though especially “The Giver.”  I’m dying to read the book now!

-I flew to Phoenix and saw Lindsey Stirling in concert.  You obviously already know this from my posts about the concert (here and here), but you might not know that it was part of my birthday celebration.  Well, it was.  A couple weeks later than my birthday, but what does that matter?  It was still incredible, and I’m so glad my family was able to drive down and spend the weekend with me there!  That was a priceless birthday gift in and of itself.  My brother and sister-in-law also came down, so it was wonderful to spend time with them as well.

So those were my birthday celebrations!  My grandma also bought a cake for me, and several people wished me a happy birthday.  It was all-in-all a great day – one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a while!

On a random note – nineteen is kind of a weird age, isn’t it?  Because technically I’m an adult, but still a teen.  Weird.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!  I know Mondays are usually rather hard, but I hope this found you well or cheered  you up. 🙂

-Tialla ♥


5 thoughts on “Birthday Update

  1. Happy 19th, girl! It has been so neat watching you grow up over the years! So much about your younger self reminded me of myself when I was a teenager. Also home schooled and also writing my own book series (though I never pursued mine and lost it all on a floppy disk when I moved back to the States). Anyway, happy (very belated) birthday! 🙂

    • Thank you, Rach! 🙂 You have followed me almost the whole time, haven’t you? Thank you for sticking with my blog even when I abandoned it several times during my surgery time and then again in senior year. 😉

      The more I read your blog, the more I can see lots of similarities between us as well. It’s been so fun! If I lived in Memphis (and if I was still in high school), I’d definitely want to be in your “girl’s group.” 😉

      That’s so sad you lost your book series when you moved. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up the pen again someday. Ah the days of floppy discs…I must admit, I’m very glad technology has moved on. 😉

      Thank you again!

      Tia ♥

  2. Happy 19th dear Tia!!! Yours is one of the very first blogs I followed , a decision I’m so happy I made. You’ve grown so much and achieved a lot! And you have a lot more of good things coming up!!! God bless you always!!! And those nails are amazing!! 🙂

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