A Coffee with Writers: Magic from a Christian Perspective

If you weren’t able to make it to my live event, featuring the first episode of my new video series “A Coffee with Writers” with author Kaitlyn Deann, no worries.  You can still watch the hangout via this YouTube video! It’s quite a bit longer than I had anticipated, but with this being the first episode, I honestly had no idea how long it’d take.  I hope you enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “A Coffee with Writers: Magic from a Christian Perspective

  1. I have looked for your e-mail, but, alas, my e-looking-glass confounds me! Therefore, I have been working on a better “palantir” to communicate with kindred-spirits (such as yourself, my Lady, Tialla, across the treacherous waste-lands of Morgoth.
    Presently, I have a palantir (two of them) that can be activate with the name “SirGuyon@outlook.com” and the other with “BerenofDororiath@outlook.com”
    Perhaps, if you happen across a Vistani such as Radagast or Gandalf they could assist you in re-sending your last message as I am eager to read it.
    I’m worried that I have lead my party into one of the enchanted wood that mortal men are forbidden to enter. If this is the forest kingdom of King Thingol, the rumor is that if the dark brood o that mother of spiders, Ungoiliant, aren’t’ a mans doom- then the Thingol, father of Luthien makes thralls or dead men walking of mortal interlopers.
    Yours Truly,
    ET. Carter

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