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Recently, I’ve been considering my blogging style, and more specifically, how it has changed over the years.  I began this blog five years ago, and as I’ve matured, my blog style has certainly changed as well.  Yesterday, I went back to some of my oldest posts, and couldn’t help but smiling at the energy and excitement which came through my posts.  I feel like that blogging style almost doesn’t exist any longer.

Sure, I still express my excitement about certain things on the blog, but I think I mostly just don’t share about the little things any more.  Maybe it’s subconsciously purposeful as I’ve tried to cultivate a more professional image since graduating, but I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s just who I am nowadays; maybe I just don’t feel the need to express all about my life online.  Perhaps my approach to blogging has become more filtered than it used to be.  I’ve certainly become more aware of the dangers and power of the Internet since I began blogging, and maybe, just maybe, this has affected what I’m willing to put out.

Maybe it was the addition of social media.  When I first began blogging, this blog was the only social media I had.  Now I’m on nearly every social network with the exception of just a few.  The micro-blogging due to social media has perhaps created a habit for me to just write a quick, couple-sentence post rather than write a blog post.  Maybe this also has to deal with the immediate responses on social media, which just doesn’t exist here in the blogosphere.  That immediate gratification is addicting.

Perhaps it’s because of how I’ve “grown-up” since working for  I absolutely love my job, and I think my priorities have changed some.  When I first began blogging, I didn’t have a job other than odds and ends here and there.  Now, I have more responsibilities.  Bills.  Insurance Payments.  Finances.  Managing my own schedule to balance everything.  In one word: adulthood.

Whatever it is, something has changed.  My style, my approach to blogging, has evolved.  I’m not confident enough to say that it has matured, but, without a doubt, it has changed.  It’s perhaps not as lighthearted as it used to be.  I find it more fun to film a vlog than to write something funny for a blog post.  I can’t put my finger on why, but it’s simply the truth.  Most of my blogging in 2014 entailed author interviews, giveaways, book reviews, blog tours, book announcements, life changes, and vlogs.

While I do miss my old style of blogging, I’m hesitant to think that my new style is necessarily a bad thing.  This is who I am nowadays.  My priorities and hobbies have changed, thus it only makes sense that my style changes as well.  I love participating in blog tours and interviewing my fellow authors.  However, I feel like perhaps I should share more about my life here on the blog in addition to my other posts.  What better time to try this small change than in the New Year?  It’s not necessarily a resolution, just an idea.  Perhaps it may start with a compilation of my social media posts, but maybe it will grow from there.  I think if I write just one lifestyle post a month, or every other month, it will be a success.

Let me know what you think!  Have you noticed how my blogging approach has changed?  Would you like it if I wrote more lifestyle posts, or do you like my blog as it is?  Perhaps you like my blog as it is, but you think it might be fun to know more about my life.  I will warn you, though, that my life is not ‘exciting.’  It’s not glamorous or sugar-coated.  It’s just…normal.  I know ‘normal’ for some people involve hiking the Grand Canyon, enjoying natural hot springs, and playing hockey, but that’s not me.  I get my kicks from movies, books, Starbucks, ice skating, Barnes and Noble, and Internet memes.

I hope you all are having a fantastic New Year so far!

-Tialla ♥

7 thoughts on “Blogging Style

  1. I’ve certainly noticed the change in your blogging style and as you said, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing! I mean, no blogger can be consistent in their style over the years. As life changes, everything linked with it does too! But I’d totally love to see the little things and sneak peaks into your life more often 🙂 And “normalcy” is not a bad thing at all!! So bring it Tia 🙂 Let’s celebrate the simple things of life 🙂

    • So glad to hear your thoughts! I’m glad you’ve stuck with me over the years even as my blog has changed. Thanks so much, lady! 🙂 I will definitely try to post more about “normal” things in my life. Yes, the small/simple things matter the most, so we should certainly celebrate them, shouldn’t we??


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