Escape into Fiction: “World of the Beasts” book review

world of the beasts

Masterful.  Brilliant.  Genius.  Beautiful.  Breathtaking.

These words spring to my mind when I think of Kaitlyn Deann’s sequel, “World of the Beasts.”  Can I say anything more to possibly elaborate on how fantastic this book was?  I’m not sure; those five words capture it all.  But I shall try.

WOTB is an incredible sequel to the first book, “The Witches’ Sleep.”  Previously, there has only been one instance, in all the books I’ve read, that a sequel has surpassed the first book in a trilogy—and that was with “Catching Fire” in the Hunger Games.  I can now state that there are two instances in which the sequel is better—WOTB is by far more complex and breathtaking than TWS.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved TWS.  However, WOTB is even better.  The plot twists, the character development, the pacing, the action, the emotions…every aspect of this book is superb.

Deann is a fantastically talented writer, and I see her stories going VERY far.  I can definitely see a movie deal coming from these books.  The world-building in her books, but especially WOTB, is also phenomenal.  Each planet is unique with its own kind of people, different name spellings, rules, landscapes, temperaments, and more.  Everything about the world-building in this book is completely original—there isn’t a shred of cliché to be found.

I can’t praise this book highly enough.  Not only was it incredible in delivery, but it had quite possibly one of the best endings I’ve read in a book.  Hat’s off to the author.  I am extremely impressed with WOTB and I’m looking forward to the third installment in this series.


There are only a few loose ends that I was still wondering about by the time I finished the book—and I can easily imagined these being solved in the third book, so they definitely didn’t create any disappointment in WOTB, only anticipation for the third book.  They are as follows:

—Deep and Lullaby talked about their werewolves getting violently sick from “being scratched.”  Even one of the werewolves in the book ends up becoming sick and dying from the scratch.  I’d like to know more about this.  How can a simple scratch cause such sickness?  Is it similar to rabies?  How is this happening?  My curiosity is definitely piqued.

—Since Deep didn’t turn out to be the Man in Black, did Wise truly kill him?  I am thinking he probably did, but I’m not certain.  The fact that Wise killed Deep was associated with the fact that Deep was the Man in Black.  Therefore, did Wise actually murder Deep?  Maybe I just missed the clarification, though.  Mysteries, mysteries. 🙂

—I would absolutely LOVE to know more about the Birthmark Eater.  The whole concept of this is fascinating.  I’d love to know what exactly it is (other than “a skin disease”).  How do the beasts get it?  Why do they get it?  Is it even possible for them to avoid it?  Where does it come from?  I certainly hope this topic is explored more in Book Three.

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