Ice Skating and Shameless Selfies

Recently, a friend and myself went ice skating.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love ice skating.  I grew up ice skating every month, and though I spent a number of years off the ice due to my shoulder injury, I never forgot how much I enjoyed the sport.  Within the last couple of months, I’ve bundled up and gingerly stepped onto the ice again.  I’m so glad I did!  My first time back on the ice was with a close friend of mine, Kayla, but my latest trip was with another lovely girl, Rachael.  I’m very glad I have friends who are willing to skate with me, even though it is slightly perilous if you haven’t skated for years. 🙂

This picture below is of Kayla and myself.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get a selfie at the ice rink with Rachael this last time.

ice skating 1.9.15


However, just because I forgot to take pictures at the ice rink with Rachael doesn’t mean we didn’t get selfies together!  After ice skating, we headed over to Kohls and had way too much fun browsing the store together.  Searching through clothes, smelling candles, trying on hats and sunglasses….  Because, you know, a girls day out evokes our inner twelve-year-olds.







Yes, we are girls.  And we like to have fun.

After Kohls, we headed over to McDonalds because I was starving and still cold from the ice rink.  French fries and a caramel latte are obviously the best ways to fix that dilemma. 😄

So, that was my recent adventure.  Have I mentioned I love my friends?  I’m feeling very blessed.  2015 has been pretty great so far.  It’s already had some fairly severe trials as well, but there’s been many more fantastic times to outweigh the bad.  Praise God!


Tialla ♥

P.S. The selfies at Kohls were taken by Rachael, not me, so I don’t take any credit for them.



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