Excerpt from Book Two!


Just a few days ago, I realized that while I’ve been posting excerpts and fun things regarding my book writing process on my socials, I’ve been neglecting the blog.  **sigh** The negative result of micro-blogging, you guys.  I’ve been posting the most important updates here, but y’all should hear the simple—though fun—stuff as well!

Therefore, I’ve posted two excerpts.  The first is in the image above.  Fun fact about that: the image is also used in the book trailer (not the text overlay), so consider this a sneak-peek.

The second excerpt is below.  It is the latest (and longest) excerpt of “Where Shadows Lie,” my novel-in-progress.  Enjoy, and be sure to let me know what you think—as always, please bring your good manners along. 🙂

* * *

‘“Let me go!” I snarled, shoving aside the officer who tried to hold me back. I ran to the car, but a cop tackled me to the pavement. “No,” I growled, fighting him. “I have to see her. I have to see her.”

“Sir, you can’t right now,” he replied, restraining my arms. “We have to get the fire under control. We will do everything we can for her. She is our top priority.”

He repeated those words, but they sounded so empty. So rehearsed.

I stopped fighting. I suppressed my panic and watched as the men both quenched the fire and worked to get her out.

Then I saw her.

A firefighter folded her in his arms as he emerged from the haze of smoke. I was on my feet and running before I even realized it. “Is she alive?” I glanced at her unconscious, bloodied body. Her head rolled against the man’s arm as he transferred her to a stretcher.

“Yes.” He gave a quick nod, then headed back to the vehicle.

A rush of relief flooded me. I grabbed her hand, but soon had to let go as paramedics surrounded us and lifted the stretcher into the ambulance. “I can come, right?” I asked, searching their faces. “I can come?” There was no way I was leaving her.’

* * *

-Tialla ♥


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