Tucson Road Trip!

This week has been an absolute whirlwind, you guys.  I hardly felt like I had time to breathe until Friday, in all honesty.  However, it’s been fun at the same time!  Last week was a very hard week for my family, so if you all could keep us in prayer for strength, discernment, wisdom, and encouragement, that would be great.  This week has definitely been better, but still hard.  It’ll get easier as we go.

Anyways, about the Tucson Road Trip.  My grandparents, though they live in Colorado, they always spend their winters in Douglas, AZ for the warm weather.  My grandpa has had some pretty serious eye issues and needed a couple of surgeries.  Their time in the R.V. park was up, and my grandpa needed to have his second surgery in Tucson at the same time.  They drove up and he had his surgery, but then they needed help getting their motor-home up to our house here in Flagstaff (their mid-way stop to Colorado).

(not my photo)

(not my photo)

Therefore, on Monday, my family drove down to Tucson (making excellent time, by the way — only 4 hours, which is normally a 5-hour drive at least) to their R.V. park.  The next day, we  headed back with my mom driving the motor-home for my grandpa, and me driving my car.  Unfortunately, the motor-home is older and can only handle slower speeds, so it took 7 1/2 hours to get back.  You guys, that is a long drive.  I was ridiculously tired when we got back, haha.  However, it was still fun and we had lots of great conversation and experiences!

Downtown Tucson, AZ (not my photo)

Downtown Tucson, AZ (not my photo)

I wish I had taken a couple of photos, but unfortunately, I didn’t think about it.  Just imagine lots and lots of highways, bridges, cactus (at lower elevations) and pine trees (at higher elevations).  It was pretty great!  Also, some anonymous person from our church was a HUGE blessing to my mom and myself and packed us delicious Road Trip Survival Snacks.  That was such an incredible surprise. ♥

(not my photo)

(not my photo)

The rest of the week was pretty much spent playing catch-up for myself, so I honestly felt constantly busy and behind until about Friday afternoon.  Thank goodness it’s the weekend!  In other exciting news, I received my edited manuscript back from my editor, so it’s back to work on the book for me!  I’m super excited, though, because it’s the FINAL edit!  I’m so ready for this book to be published, but I want it to be as good as it can possibly be at this point in time.  It’ll get there!

I hope you all have a very Happy Easter, and a great week.  This week will probably be busy for me again, but hopefully not quite as busy as last week. 😀


(not my photo)

(not my photo)


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