5 STAR REVIEW for “Where Shadows Lie”!

I am so excited, humbled, and overwhelmed with joy. Readers’ Favorite gave my soon-to-be-published novel, “Where Shadows Lie” a 5 STAR REVIEW! Thus, my cover on my book will be released with the 5 star seal! Here’s the review:


Reviewed By Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite

Where Shadows Lie (The Tension of Redemption) by Tialla Rising is a story of good and bad, love, God, danger, excitement, and resolve. Shawn grew up without parents, and as a kid on the street who very early in his life became a member of the Shadows street gang – performing murder, thefts and muggings. When Shawn returns to his home after being released from prison, he is a new and reformed man. He wants nothing more than to live a normal life but, according to gang policy, once a Shadow, always a Shadow. Shawn is determined, however, and immediately gets a job, forms a special relationship with his old friend Virginia, and tries to move on with life. The leader of the gang, Max, wants nothing more in life than to see Shawn dead and will stop at nothing until he succeeds. Shawn and Virginia find themselves being beaten and robbed more than once. Virginia’s only constant keeping her fear at bay is her strong belief in God; Shawn is a non-believer which causes some difficulty in their romance. We do not know who N is until the surprise ending of the story; we only know that he gives Shawn assignments that must be fulfilled exactly as instructed.

Where Shadows Lie has action and excitement on every page and there is never a dull moment. Tialla Rising is an amazing author with the ability to make her story come alive. Where Shadows Lie is a Christian story, a love story, a story of the will of a man to change from bad to good. Where Shadows Lie and Tialla Rising will not disappoint; this is a five star plus book that everyone can enjoy. Read it today – you won’t be sorry.


I wish I could post the review page itself on the Readers’ Favorite site, but that won’t be up until the book is published. Still, I am SO overwhelmed with joy. Thank you, LORD!

-Tialla ♥


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