4 Days!

4 days countdown to WSL release

Only four more days until my Christian suspense novel, “Where Shadows Lie” releases!

To continue our behind-the-scenes book launch celebration, I’m going to share with you a few photos of the editing process.  Yesterday was mostly about the creation of “Where Shadows Lie” and my process of getting the first draft written.  However, since editing and revisions claimed the majority of my timeline, I think it’s only fair to devote two days to the red pen!

—These were some of the first photos taken of me while I was editing.  My mom snapped these and then put them on Instagram in a collage.  😉   I was sitting on the floor in my parents’ bedroom (yes, still in their bedroom.  For some reason, I was just better able to concentrate in there than anywhere else), with my lap desk, my printed manuscript, my thesaurus, and a couple of pens.

Fun fact: if you want to know my absolute must-have tool for writing, I will always say an in-depth thesaurus.  They are lifesavers!


—About six months later in the process, my friend Emily and I began meeting regularly to write.  This was so much fun and a great time to dedicate to our stories.  I actually wasn’t “writing” then, I was editing “Where Shadows Lie.”  Still, it was a fantastic time, and Emily was even one of the first people ever to see glimpses of my rough draft book trailer, along with hearing my first chapter (that very rough first chapter mentioned yesterday, haha!).  She’s been an amazing encouragement to me and I’ve loved all the times we get to sit down and spend with words together.

By the way, allowing your friend to come into your house each week to write together and serving her tea in your wedding china teacups is a pretty great way to ensure she’ll keep coming over.  Just sayin’.  😉  Thanks, Emily!



Today, I’m sharing a few songs that make me think more of Virginia than any other character.  The first song is “Just Give Me a Reason” by P!NK.  I’ve loved this song since the moment I first heard it.  I love the concept behind the song of working through relationships and not just throwing them away because they are “bent.”  Though the lyrics aren’t exact with Virginia’s situation, I feel like the general idea of working through problems resonates with her character.

The second song is “Do Everything” by Steven Curtis Chapman.  Virginia often needs the reminder that even though she may not be accomplishing the biggest things in the world, everything she does matters as long as she does them for God’s glory.  For some reason, this song has just always made me think of Virginia.  🙂

More on editing to come tomorrow, and I have to say…they’re pretty funny.  “See” you tomorrow!


***“Where Shadows Lie” available for pre-order on Kindle now!***

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