3 Days!

3 days countdown to WSL release

Only three days now until my upcoming Christian New Adult novel, “Where Shadows Lie” releases!!  As promised yesterday, we continue the book launch countdown celebration with more on the editing process….

I’m jumping ahead several months now to October of 2014.  To me, this doesn’t feel like all that long ago, even though I know it’s been about eight months.  This point in the editing and revision process is still very fresh in my mind, and that may be because I was making several huge changes to my book.  However, there were some pretty humorous moments….

—Such as when I realized that I had totally written “shake it off; shake it off,” nearly a year before Taylor Swift’s song was even released.  Unfortunately, due to the song’s popularity, my sentence warranted a deletion.  Not before getting a photo, though!


This also happened with “Let it go,” which I had written before Frozen was ever out.  But I obviously couldn’t leave the line in and expect anyone to take it seriously, so I started backspacing.

I know these productions were out before my book, but seriously, stop stealing my lines, people!  Haha 🙂  (Please note, this is all in good humor.  I’m just being sarcastic.)

—One of my proofreaders was pretty hilarious with some notes she would leave in the margins.  Not only did she encourage me, but she instructed me on the proper way to write “y’all.”  And I have to say, I will hopefully never misspell it again.  😀  She’s Texan, I trust her on this.  Haha!




The following song is “Grand Illusion” by Styx.  This song goes along well with the theme of “Where Shadows Lie” and the concept behind it is something that Shawn desperately needs to remember.

The next song is “Shine Bright like a Diamond” by Rihanna.  I’ve always liked this song, and I feel like it captures Virginia’s and Shawn’s relationship perfectly.  They need to keep shining and remember each other’s value.  This song is just beautiful.

That’s it for today!  Stop by again tomorrow for more behind-the-scenes fun!  🙂


***“Where Shadows Lie” now available for pre-order on Kindle!***


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