2 Days!

2 days countdown to WSL release

2 days until “Where Shadows Lie” releases!  Ahhh, I’m so excited!  Let’s see…in this book launch celebration countdown, we’ve covered the creation process and the editing process.  I have just a teensy bit more about the editing process and a convention, and then how about some characters and music??

—I have been an exhibitor at the AFHE Homeschool Convention for the past two years, but 2014’s convention was the first time “Where Shadows Lie” played a part!  I handed out flyers featuring the then-unreleased cover, took a few pre-orders (WAY too early in the process, which I learned too late–though my customers have been incredibly patient!), and attracted attention to my booth with a 24″ x 36″ poster of the book cover.  This poster actually shows the book title as much darker than it is on the final printed book.  I had used one of the first editions I had of the cover, I hadn’t realized that though it looked fine digitally, it would print up much darker than I wanted.  What can you do when it’s poster size, though?  It’s not like I could afford to just get another made.  I love it though, and still have it hanging in my bedroom.




2014-07-11 10.45.12

—The last two photos I took while editing my book are featured below.  The first was taken back in January, when I was working on some major rewrites from my last (and very helpful!) proofreader.  The second was taking on the final stretch of editing.  This was when I had just received my book back from my editor and was going through the manuscript, fixing her corrections on grammar and typos.  I was SO happy to finally deal with the easy stuff like commas and sentence structure after months and months of plot reworking and rewriting scenes.  😉




final editing 4.7.15


And that’s it for the editing process!!  What took me 17 months of editing, I’ve compiled into three days for you!  I honestly can’t say I’m sad that the revision part is over though.  That certainly was the most challenging for me!

—Now, for characters.  

I’ve searched high and low on the internet to find images even remotely close of how I picture my characters.  Do you know how hard it is to find decent images of people who aren’t model-esque or drop-dead gorgeous?  All I wanted was photos of just normal people.  I don’t want my characters portrayed as people with swoon-worthy appearances.  I want any positive attention they receive to come from their personalities, not because they are gorgeous.  Basically, I was looking for photos that made me wonder about their lives and their choices, not focus my attention on their looks.

Finding photos with that criteria is hard.  But, I managed to dig up a few.  Yes, they are still handsome and beautiful; still, I feel like these are people I could run into on the street.  I feel like they are normal—not glammed-up for Hollywood.

**Disclaimer: I do not own any rights for these photos.  I simply found them online and am re-sharing them.












—Last but certainly not least, what would be a countdown celebration without “The Final Countdown” by Europe?  As you may have noticed from several of the songs I’ve posted this week, I love me some 80’s music.  This song puts a big smile on my face and has been playing in my head all week!


Tune back in tomorrow for the last countdown post!  🙂


***“Where Shadows Lie” now available for pre-order on Kindle!***

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