Vlog: Homemade Ice Cream!

A few weeks ago, my mom and I decided to try an incredibly easy recipe for homemade ice cream.  With everything going on with “Where Shadows Lie” being published and all, I haven’t gotten around to posting the video until now.  You all should definitely try making ice cream this way—it was fantastic!


-Tialla ♥


2 thoughts on “Vlog: Homemade Ice Cream!

  1. Smuckers is a funny word!

    I say “car-a-mel”, but Christopher says “car-mel” – I’m not sure which is actually “correct”, though.

    Your mom is super cute!

    Glad you guys had fun making the ice cream! Did it taste like regular ice cream from the store or was it more rich? More or less sweet? I’m curious!

    • Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed the video! Mom had fun being in it. 😉 Also, I’m pretty sure both “car-a-mel” and “car-mel” are correct, it just differs on what part of the country a person is from or how he or she first learned it. That’s my theory, at least!

      The ice cream was VERY creamy, and I’d say it was a little more creamy/rich than the regular ice cream from the store (unless you’re counting Blue Bell, haha). Definitely just as sweet, though, but not excessively sweet in my opinion. You should try it! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

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