Recapping Summer 2015

I feel like I shared only bits and pieces about this summer here on the blog.  The other aspects of my summer was largely recorded on Snapchat and Instagram.  I realized it might be fun to write a recap of most things that went down this summer, beginning with Memorial Day weekend!  Some of these events you’ll recognize, and others will be new. 🙂

This is a way I can easily look back and remember this summer, and who knows, maybe you’ll find it interesting too…though I have to say, it wasn’t as thrilling as perhaps most people my age do over their summers.  I’ve never been much of a go-go-go thrill seeker.  Or even a party-hopper.  Or a stay-out-past-eleven person.  And even though sometimes I feel kind of lame for not being so involved and active, I honestly don’t mind.  I’d take reading a good book and a glass of chocolate milk (or Netflix and said chocolate milk) over the constant activity anyway.  There is a time and place for {most} everything. 😉

Summer 2015:

—We went camping Memorial Day weekend, and came back that Sunday for some high school graduations of our friends as well as a graduation party.

—Hiked a portion of Mt. Elden several times.

—Attended the wedding of friends of mine, with an amazingly fun reception.

—Published my second novel, “Where Shadows Lie.”

—Spent a weekend at the end of June chilling in a fantastic hotel in Phoenix.

—Manned a booth for the two-day homeschool convention in July.

—Went as The Mad Hatter with my brother, Robin Hood, to a Disney costume dance party.




Celebrated my baby brother’s 4th birthday with a party and a park day.

Chopped my hair off!  I think it took about 8 inches off, but I’m not certain.

—We had a pellet stove installed, and I am SO EXCITED for finally have a fireplace this winter!

—Took my mom to get pedicures, coffee, and Chick-Fil-A for her birthday

—My blog tour celebrating the release of my new book took place from August 10th-14th, which included lots of spotlights, a few reviews, and a few interviews.

—Traveled down to Phoenix for a Lindsey Stirling concert with my mom, where we met up with good friends for dinner.

—Took a road trip to visit my grandparents and their friends in CO (which is where I lived for two months last year).  The trip started out rough with a couple blown tires, but all in all, it was lots of fun with camping, hiking, chatting, tram-riding, zip-riding, and a drive-in movie!  (As well as a late-night Snap video chat with great friends.)


—Found this hilarious “All About that Bass” parody:

—Remembered my sweet puppy on the one year mark of putting her down.  Do you recall last year how I talked about something heartbreaking that happened (and I was quite vague about it)?  Well, I just couldn’t write the words.  I couldn’t think through it enough to write it down.  I was heartbroken.  Devastated.  And slowly, trying to heal.  But yes, my best friend for ten years, the most wonderful companion and sweetest solace, passed away just over a year ago.  Even though I know it was time for her to go, it stills hurts.  Forever missing my Magi. ♥


—Over the four months of summer (May-August), I ran approximately 170 miles.  I’m pretty proud of that. 🙂

—I read “The Scarlet Pimpernel,” “Be Thou My Vision,” “The Pilgrim Adventure,” “The Civil War Adventure,” the first four Harry Potter books (I’m working on finishing the last three), and listened to two audio books: “Bonhoeffer,” and “The Legend of Squanto.”

—I’ve worked up to a 2 minute, 5 second plank.

—We had far too many of the Sonic summer 1/2 prices shakes after 8 PM.

—I had a total of five dental appointments: two consultations (one with my regular dentist and one with an endodontist), one root canal, one crown prep, and one permanent crown.  All for one troublesome tooth that had been evidenced by severe earaches earlier in the year and a lack of healing even from aggressive antibiotics.

—Attended a county fair, as per our annual tradition.  With Dippin’ Dots ice cream, mini-ducks, a circus, a man on stilts, giant bubbles, train rides with my little brother, dancing grannies, raspberry iced tea, making a couple of book sales, delicious pizza, flattering salesmen, and funnel cakes, it was one of the best years yet.  Unfortunately, I came away with a pretty awful sunburn.  However, I also came away with more money than I started with due to books sales I made to friends at the fair (even with purchasing a product or two from aforementioned salesmen).  So, all in all, it was fantastic.

fair 2015

—One of my editing clients sent me her published book that I edited!  I can’t even describe the awe.  Such a blessing!



And tomorrow we leave to spend my birthday weekend in Phoenix with the same great friends I’ve mentioned throughout this blog.  Can’t believe I’ll be 20!

There are obviously numerous other things that happened as well.  Such as I chilled with one of my favorite people multiple times (i.e. here, here, here, and here), drank way too much coffee (ummm here, here, here, here, here, here), got a cool new writing tool, made homemade ice cream, discovered new cafes to work in, had my eyes dilated at the eye doctor, finally purchased McFarland USA, enjoyed a nest full of baby birds right outside my window, bought my first house plant, learned how to create an Elsa-braid, survived a tornado warning, channeled my inner John Lennon, found the largest beverage I’ve ever seen, was overrun with huge squash from our garden, took my car to the mechanic on my own for the first time (guess that’s called adulting), and began prepping for an Advanced Biology course I’m helping teach this year.

So while it may not have been the most thrilling or go-go-go summer ever, it was still pretty great to me.  And, as much as I love summer, I’m totally looking forward to fall.

-Tialla ♥


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