Carpet Repair

Back in my post introducing our fur-baby, Zelda, I mentioned a post would soon come regarding how she tore up our carpet.  I completely forgot I had mentioned that until I recently read through the post again.  So, friends, let me tell you about what our adorable baby girl did. 😉

This cutie?

We adopted Zelda at the end of November, and we soon discovered she did not like it whenever we closed the bathroom door.  Note that we live in a studio apartment, so the bathroom door is literally the only door in the apartment to separate rooms.  Anytime we closed the bathroom door with her on the outside, she scratched at the carpet and tore at it relentlessly.  Somehow, in her cat brain, she thought she could dig her way through?

Damage soon began to show on the carpet, so we decided to bring her into the bathroom whenever either of us showered, but she wouldn’t have that either.  The moment she realized she was “trapped,” she would yowl without end.  Turns out, Zelda needs her options.  If she’s in the bathroom, she wants out.  If she’s outside the bathroom, she wants in.

Unfortunately, her behavior continued even if I barely stepped into the bathroom to pee, so within just a couple of weeks, our carpet at the door was ruined.  This kitten.


We tried stopping her in various ways, such as yelling at her, spraying no-scratch stuff on the carpet, trying to glue it down, but to no avail.  Once her mind was set, nothing was a match against her claws.  The carpet wasn’t even just unraveled–it was unraveled and separated from the padding below.

Thankfully, we at last found a makeshift solution with a thin enough rug to fit under the door to cover the carpet.  The rug worked to prevent further damage, because she just tore at it instead of the carpet.  We didn’t really know what to do with the existing damage, and we planned on re-signing our lease for the year, so we put it on the back-burner.  Wasn’t that what our pet deposit was for anyway?

However, with August came some major issues with our neighbor (who has continually given us issues since we moved here in July 2016) and we requested to switch apartments.  At that point, we focused again on the carpet damage and brainstormed solutions.

After looking into what our pet deposit covered in our lease, we found out we were indeed responsible.  Apparently pet deposits are simply to allow the animal in the apartment, not any damage from the pet.  It sucks–and I know that’s just life as a renter–but I would like to know the purpose of the pet deposit then.  Why charge $500 when it doesn’t go toward damage?  Basically, I found out that if there’s damage, they keep the $500 and then additionally charge us whatever it costs to cover damage repair.

Anyway.  Rant over, lol.

We hired an awesome carpet repair place–Northern Arizona Carpet Repair & Cleaning.  They quoted us an exact (& very reasonable) price ahead of time just from the description and photos.  The owner himself came out to fix the carpet, and threw in the metal divider free of charge just for giving them an honest 5-star review.

It was such a relief to finally have the carpet fixed!  We ended up not switching apartments, but we are glad the carpet is repaired anyway because we are planning on moving when our lease is up, so it’s one less thing to think about then.  We are extra watchful of Zelda now, and though the issue has faded since we put the rug down, when it gets colder, she will just have to deal with being trapped in the bathroom during showers.  I would much rather deal with her meowing & crying (and I’m sure she will eventually adjust) than have carpet damage again.

This cat has been crazy.  We’ve had to change the litter box twice–from using liners to without, and from a regular litter box to a huge bin because she kept peeing over the edge.  We changed her litter because she is messy and doesn’t cover her litter when she goes to the bathroom, so it smelled to high heaven with just normal litter.  She tore up the carpet, chewed through fairy lights decorating our “bedroom,” and chewed through our Christmas tree lights.  She also jumped on my lap when I was taking a drink of water once and rammed the glass into my tooth, chipping it!  Dental work fixed it, but it’ll never feel the same.  She also broke one of our drinking glasses by knocking it off my dresser.

The negatives don’t outweigh the positives, though.  It’s just part of having a pet.  She consistently melts our hearts daily.  She’s our baby girl, she’s adorable, she loves to cuddle, and she lights up our home.  Our sweet Zelda can be a brat, but she loves us and she is precious to us.  She’s hilarious, adorable, and sassy.  A dog could easily cause just as much damage.  It also majorly helps that by now, she’s matured and we’ve adjusted to each other.

How could this sweet thing cause such trouble? 😉

Have you ever had any pet damage like this?

-Tialla ❤


4 thoughts on “Carpet Repair

  1. Oh boy, pros and cons of having a pet. LOL. But yeah, apartments tend to be a little weird when it comes to pets and the pet deposit. Where I lived, pet deposit went into damage and they would charge us additional costs if it was more expensive. My dog ruined the bathroom door but it wasn’t a huge charge. LOL. Good you got it fixed though! When you move, you should always ask to make sure what the pet deposit will cover. Some landlords are more lenient than others.

    • I know, right? It can be a love/hate relationship with pets at times, lol! That’s a good point about checking what the pet deposit covers for future apartments. I hadn’t thought about that, but it sure would be helpful going into it! So great to hear your landlord used the pet deposit toward the damage, what a relief. Hopefully our next one will too! It’s nice to know some are more lenient. 🙂

      • Yeah, please do. It’s always good to ask questions when you go out to find a place for yourself. Not only do you have to like it there, the landlord should be nice and understanding of your needs as well. You are after all, giving them your money. Also, about pet rent. Over here they charge us oo

        • There’s so many things to think of when apartment hunting! That’s true, you are giving them your money, so they shouldn’t treat you like you “owe” them. 😉 Yep, pet rent in addition to the deposit! The joys of renting, lol.

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