Apartment Hack: Damage-Free Curtains

Hello friends!

Long time no talk. ūüėČ My absence has mostly been because my life has been both overwhelming with job and medical stuff right now while also not giving me anything particularly interesting to blog about. ¬†Here’s what’s gone on recently in a nutshell (aka bullet points):

  • My husband got a new job (yay! It’s his dream job!). He’ll be working as the IT Coordinator at a charter school here in town.
  • I had some seriously intense dental work done two weeks ago. ¬†We’re talking $2k, eleven shots, and 2 1/2 hours of trauma. ¬†We’d saved up for this treatment for seven months. ¬†I still have to go back to fix it a little. ¬†Not at all excited!
  • Two weeks ago as well, the maintenance required light came on in our car, so we had to take it to the mechanic which wasn’t exactly best timing budget-wise the day after the dentist.
  • I had to quit my remote job one week ago (not the one I just got in February; the one I’ve had since 2013).
  • I’m job-hunting hard core and praying somebody calls me in time before our bills are due.
  • On the same day I had to quit, I ended up in the E.R. that night due to a weird reaction connected with a herpes simplex 1 virus breakout I got¬†in reaction¬†to the intense dental treatment I had done.
  • If you didn’t catch that, it means an E.R. bill was generated on the same day I quit my job. ¬†Exactly one week after we spent our savings of $2k. ¬†Oh and it was also the day of our eleven-month wedding anniversary.
  • On Sunday, the back door of our car stopped latching. ¬†That meant, whenever we drove, the door would just clunk open and shut randomly on curves and bumps. ¬†We had to take it to the mechanic again and just got that fixed today, which, you know, is more $$$.

Now you’re all caught up. ¬†Like I said, it’s been overwhelming. ¬†But in other news, my husband and I recently put up curtains in our apartment and I want to blog about that!

For those of you who don’t know, we rent a tiny, 450 sq. ft. studio apartment, and as with most rentals, we can’t really put holes in the walls. ¬†Because of that, living in an apartment isn’t necessarily the easiest when it comes to decorating and making the space feel like home. ¬†However, when we realized that curtains would not only make our windows with vertical blind slats a whole lot more private, but cozy as well, we found a way to still put them up without any drilling or screws.

Command hooks are one of my favorite things ever.

I think we got the inspiration originally from Pinterest, but I honestly can’t remember. ¬†I do know for certain, though, that we headed to Walmart and picked up black-out curtain panels (my husband is from Alaska so he likes it really¬†dark), curtain rods, and three command hooks per window. ¬†As with traditional curtains, it’s important to have a center command hook to hold the rod up so it doesn’t bow with the weight of the curtains.

The process was a little tricky for us to get the command hooks positioned right (we are¬†so¬†not naturally gifted DIYers), which meant we actually had to position this center one on the blinds itself because we didn’t really know what we were doing and put up the edge hooks first without measuring how low it was. ¬†We don’t mind, though…I’m just glad to have the curtains and I think they make our apartment look so much more home-like! ¬†Overall it was a simple process (and probably a walk in a park for those who do home projects and DIY all the time). ¬†We love how they turned out!

For those of you who rent or have rented, what kind of damage-free apartment hacks have you discovered? ¬†I’d love to know!

Until next time,

Tialla ‚̧

Giving hubby a haircut!

Back when I got my haircut a few weeks ago, I was talking with my hairstylist about different places around town to get haircuts, and she said something that at first made me laugh and then ponder later on.

She asked, “And where does your husband go for his haircuts? ¬†Or do you cut it for him?”

I laughed because, as I told her, “I would be absolutely terrified to cut his hair.” ¬†I had these images in my head of cutting way too short or jagged/unblended and I greatly dislike buzz cuts, so I didn’t want to chance it. ¬†However, what she told me next got me thinking it just might be possible.

She first asked what kind of haircut he got, and when I answered, “An 8-blade all over,” she insisted that I could totally do it myself. ¬†She let me know that you can’t go any shorter than the guard on the trimmer, so it’s totally safe and easy especially since it’s just the one blade! ¬†There wouldn’t be anything to blend.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was possible. ¬†And boy, would it save us money! ¬†My husband gets his hair cut far more often than I do (which is natural, considering he keeps his hair short), and we always get his beard trimmed at the same time. ¬†Though it’s only $13.95 for the cut & $5 for the beard trim, when you add a tip and go back month after month, it starts adding up. ¬†I’ve mentioned before that we have a tight budget, so any chance to save money is a win for us! ¬†Thus…

We ordered this men’s hair trimmer on Amazon. ¬†$50 for all those blades AND a cape to keep off all the itchy hair (and a bunch of other tools, plus instructions & tips)? ¬†I think YES.

It’s basically salon quality and we love it! ¬†We did the math and realized that within two haircuts, we would pay off the trimmer and start saving money. ¬†Not only will this replace haircuts, but also the beard trims because this kit came with all the short blades also. ¬†Joshua was definitely in need of a haircut by the time it arrived, so I sat him down in the middle of the kitchen (as our bathroom is too small)¬†on a step ladder that night, fastened the cape, poured over the instructions, and with a few nervous chuckles, got started.

The instructions actually made it way more complicated than it was, but I’m sure they are more accurate for doing multiple lengths and blending and such. ¬†With just one length, I didn’t really need to concern myself with going by sections, just paying attention to hair growth direction. ¬†It was slow, but we got it done, including the beard trim, which was probably the scariest part for me because it could have so easily gone wrong when I was cleaning up the neck beard and mustache!

I think next time I’ll go shorter with the beard trim, but it was great for a start! ¬†I think I’m mostly excited about this because we no longer have to wait to have the money for his haircut and trim; as soon as he starts looking scruffy, we can clean it all up! ¬†Previously, he would get scruffy before we could afford to get it cut, so he’d just have to wait. ¬†This will be so nice, I’m sure! ¬†(Oh and there’s only hair on his shirt at the end because we took off the cape after the haircut so he could look in the mirror and forgot to put it back on before doing the beard trim. ¬†There wasn’t anything on his shirt after the haircut, so he would have been hair-free if we remembered it!)

Anyway, that was our adventure lately! ¬†Have you non-hairdressers ever cut someone’s hair? ¬†Do you cut your boyfriend’s/husband’s hair?

Until next time, friends!

Exploring Sedona & Haircut!

Last Saturday, Joshua and I decided to take a day trip to Sedona! ¬†For those of you who don’t know much about Arizona, Sedona is about thirty minutes south of Flagstaff, which makes it easy for quick trips like this. ¬†Sedona is pretty much our favorite place in Arizona, in fact, we spent the first part of our honeymoon there! ¬†It’s beautiful with the drive down Oak Creek Canyon, the red rocks, and the mountain views. ¬†From what I’ve experienced, a lot of the people in Sedona are very nice and accommodating, as they are super used to tourists. ¬†In fact, when we found a car wash for our decorated “just married” car on our honeymoon, they gave us the ultimate car wash at no charge. ¬†We also loved¬†The Golden Goose restaurant¬†for a chill but classy dinner, and actually got the entire patio to ourselves with a wonderfully personable waitress. ¬†The only weird thing about Sedona is that almost everything except one grocery store closes down at 9 PM. ¬†I guess they are just used to only day tourists…? ¬†Haha.

I’ve been meaning to blog about our trip all week, but I haven’t had a single chance until now. ¬†I have lots of pictures, though, so here we go!

We started on our trip at 2:30 in the afternoon because Saturdays mean sleep. ūüėČ ¬†Again, Sedona is only thirty minutes away, so we felt like we still had the whole day ahead of us to spend. ¬†Of course, no trip is complete without a coffee run….

Caramel iced coffee with cream. ¬†I don’t get extra sugar because the caramel is a sweetened syrup.

The day started out rainy and windy in Flagstaff, so we were pretty concerned that it would be miserable in Sedona and a waste of a trip. ¬†Siri assured us it would be clear and warm in Sedona, though, so we crossed our fingers and made the drive anyway. ¬†It rained pretty much the whole way down, so that didn’t help our doubts, lol. ¬†Rainy/stormy days are our favorites, but it wasn’t quite what we wanted when we planned on walking around outside!

Sure enough, the weather cleared up about five minutes before entering Uptown Sedona, and remained clear the whole time we were there! ¬†We visit Uptown Sedona the most because it’s the tourist area, plentiful with adorable shops. ¬†Jewelry, knives, guns, psychics, fudge, ice cream, clothing, jams & jellies, mystical stones, vortex souvenirs, and more! ¬†It’s lots of fun to browse and people watch. ¬†Of course, everything is extremely overpriced so we rarely purchase anything unless the price happens to be negligible.

Among the many Uptown shops, we happened across this hilarious sign of which I absolutely had to snap a photo! ¬†I loved it! ¬†Of course, I want my husband with me while I shop, that’s kind of why we went down together, lol, but I still think it’s fantastic.

One of our favorite shops in Sedona has olive oil and balsamic vinegar taste-testing!  There are two shops like this in Uptown Sedona, but this one has bread + cups for tasting, not just cups.  I am a huge fan of balsamic vinegar, so I always love tasting these!  I think my favorite from this trip was Wild Blueberry, but the Maple came close also!

We happened upon a sunglasses shop, which funnily enough also sold a bunch of sandals. ¬†It was at this store that I spotted a wall of Sanuk sandals, which I’ve heard are fantastic. ¬†I’ve wanted a pair for forever, but just never got around to getting them. ¬†However, these were the same price as online, and we were already there, so I decided to get them. ¬†I can’t wait for summer to try them out. ¬†Just need a fresh pedicure now. ūüėČ

(If you don’t know, Sanuk sandals are made out of yoga mat and fabric. ¬†Apparently this makes them really comfortable because you have great support & cushion, as well as no chaffing for your toes, because it doesn’t have that plastic piece.)

Around five, we decided to head to the south side of Sedona for sushi! ¬†We needed to get back home to practice music for church the next day (we are the husband & wife “worship team” lol), so we decided to end our day with sushi and then head back up to Flagstaff.

We love going to Hiro’s for sushi here in Flagstaff, and I found out that there was one in Sedona, so we decided to try it out and see how different/alike it was. ¬†My favorite roll wasn’t there, unfortunately (the Arizona roll), but I tried the Firecracker roll and it was amazing as well! ¬†Crab, shrimp tempura, eel sauce…and other stuff I can’t remember. ¬†It was delish!

We also ordered an avocado roll, though we didn’t realize that it was only rice and avocado, so we won’t be getting that again. ¬†I thought it was sushi¬†with avocado, haha!

Hubby ordered the Volcano roll, which admittedly doesn’t look very appetizing by appearances (to me, at least) but he said it’s his new favorite roll, so I’d say the taste makes up for looks! ¬†Too bad that particular roll isn’t at our favorite haunt here in Flag. ¬†It just gives us another reason to return to Hiro’s in Sedona, such a bummer, lol. ¬†We’ve determined that we will for sure be coming back here when we visit! ¬†It might just become a tradition. ¬†We also love coming to Hiro’s (in Flag & Sedona) because it is super affordable for quality sushi. ¬†For two rolls, we typically only end up spending $35.

The drive back up was just as gorgeous!  Every time we drive this route, it always takes my breath away!

Of course, it helped that the sky was simply spectacular with the storm clouds!

And now, moving onto other news! ¬†I got a haircut yesterday! ¬†I love keeping my hair short, but I can typically go about six months between trims. ¬†Last time I got my hair cut was back in October, and so I was definitely due for a trim! ¬†My hair was getting long enough to get caught under the collar of my shirts/jackets, so I was getting annoyed. ¬†I like keeping the back of my hair above my collar and the front just at my collarbone in an A-line cut. ¬†I’ve had this style since October and I’ve loved it! ¬†It feels so nice to have it trimmed again.

And that’s all for now! ¬†Have a lovely weekend!

Blizzard Weekend!

We have had SO. MUCH. SNOW over this past weekend. ¬†Apparently it was a series of three major storms that all came through starting on Friday. ¬†I think the snow started really early Friday morning, before the sun graced our part of the world, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t stop snowing the entire time until maybe Monday. ¬†Even then, we still got a light sprinkling of snow on Tuesday.


I feel so bad for all the college students with such tiny cars in our apartment complex. ¬†Their cars were literally BURIED. ¬†If I were them, I don’t even know what I’d begin to do. ¬†I’d probably just walk everywhere, and that might actually be what several of them decided to do. ūüėČ


It’s scary enough for us to drive, and we have an SUV with 4-wheel drive. ¬†So far we haven’t gotten stuck, but it’s definitely a fear of mine, especially when we have to park in the deep snow because it hasn’t been cleared yet. ¬†(Our complex isn’t the best at snow removal. ¬†Our stairs are icy and slippery, and though the driving areas of the parking lot are cleared, the plow blocks in the cars with the snow. ¬†And it has taken days for any spots to get cleared. ¬†Not to mention the half foot drop at the entrance from all the snow, ice, and slush. ¬†But I digress.)


I’m not sure what the total amount of snowfall in inches was, but it was LOTS, guys. ¬†LOTS.


Thankfully for us, both my husband and I quite like the snow. ¬†No, I don’t love driving in it, in fact the prospect rather terrifies me after I spun out last winter. ¬†Other than that, though, we love it. ¬†The cold weather makes for perfect cuddling temperatures, the snow is beautiful, and it’s just kind of magical in its own way, especially when it starts falling in huge feathery flakes. ¬†The world is quieted for a while.

(For long-time blog followers, you may recall when I was fifteen or so, I tried to “boycott” the snow and just hated cold weather all around. ¬†That was mainly due to my shoulder injury {though I wouldn’t quite admit it then, I don’t think}, because pain and cold weather don’t mix well. ¬†Time changes things, and this is certainly something I’ve had a change of heart about. ¬†I love wintertime now!)


One thing that I’m quite proud of, actually, is that hubby and I haven’t let the snow keep us from hitting the gym regularly. ¬†Thankfully, our complex gym is right by our apartment, so it’s a very short walk. ¬†However, it’s still rather daunting to walk outside in the¬†feet¬†of snow with only sneakers, yoga pants, a workout tank, and a workout jacket. ¬†My poor husband was in even worse shape with shorts and a t-shirt. ¬†However, we hurried to the gym and didn’t let the cold, snow, or ice stop us from getting our fitness in. ¬†And honestly, the walk back to our apartment was refreshingly cold.

As the snow continued to come down on Saturday, Joshua and I spent the entire day with a Sherlock marathon.  It was his first time watching the show and it was so much fun!  Due to the continued snowfall, dangerous roads, and snow removal issues, church was cancelled the next day, so I made us a pot of oatmeal for breakfast, which we enjoyed with coffee and more Sherlock.  Later that afternoon, we braved the weather to get food for the week (our empty fridge let us know that could not be postponed!), stopped in at a cafe for a chai latte, and safely made it home again.

As it was still snowing on Monday, my husband was able to come home early from work, which made for a wonderfully relaxing afternoon!

Other than the slight dusting of snow on Tuesday, it has been sunny since, which is giving everyone a chance to actually dig themselves out.  All in all, it was a very happy weekend and the city looks beautiful with snow-covered everything.

Until next time,

-Tialla ‚̧

The Polar Express!

This past Saturday, my father-in-law’s company provided all of us¬†with tickets to ride on the Polar Express train in Williams, AZ. ¬†When we first heard about the opportunity earlier in the week, I must say I was overly excited. ¬†Though I’ve lived in Flagstaff for going on seventeen years, I’ve never been on the Polar Express, and I’d heard many wonderful stories about it. ¬†Not only are the book and the movie both classics, the story is timeless. ¬†With Christmas cheer, we carpooled with my husband’s family down to Williams and boarded the Polar Express at dusk. ¬†A friend offered to take a photo of all of us together:


I loved how this train was modern, yet retained some old-time charm.  For example, the wooden frames around the windows, the pull shades, and the luggage racks strewn with Christmas lights.  The slightly rustic feel to the train helped bring me into the story with little difficulty!

After everyone boarded and a few instructions from the “Chef” in our train car, we were off! ¬†The train ride is only about an hour round trip, so the fun started immediately with delicious cookies and hot chocolate. ¬†My sister-in-law took a photo of Joshua and me when we were back in our own seats:


Before long, the ticket inspector came through, just like in the movie, and stopped by each seat to punch enough holes to form the letter “P” in each ticket. ¬†He was hilarious and played the part quite well.


From the start of the journey, Christmas music was played through the speakers. ¬†We passed through the “magic tunnel” (honestly, that was a little disappointing…it was more like a bridge with flashing lights), and just after that, they began to read the book, “The Polar Express,” out loud. ¬†To help us all keep up with the story, the “Chef” passed up and down the aisle to show the illustrations in the book to all the passengers. ¬†Not long after the story was finished, we learned that we were coming up on the North Pole.

I think that they created a cute setup with the lit buildings on either side of the train, Mrs. Claus reading, Santa and an elf waiting out by the reindeer, as well as a beautifully illuminated Christmas tree. ¬†However, I did expect at least some fake snow and more elves, so it was missing the “wow” factor of the magical North Pole.

When we came to the end of the North Pole, the train slowed, began to reverse (apparently there was “caribou” on the tracks), and when we passed by the reindeer again, Santa had disappeared. ¬†Of course this had all the kids whirring with excitement. ¬†The Chef soon informed us that Santa was on the train and we had to sing, “Here Comes Santa Claus” as he visited everyone on each car. ¬†When he did reach our car, there was a cacophony of shouts, giggles, and laughter. ¬†He gave each person a bell with a ribbon (which we may or may not have given as a toy to our kitten *cough, cough*), and the train ride was finished off with more Christmas carols and dancing in the aisle.

We had to commemorate the train ride with a selfie!

All in all, I loved it! ¬†It was such a fun way to finish off the holidays, especially since after January 1st it feels rather like going cold-turkey, and it’s always a little sad to me. ¬†This was a wonderful way to bid adieu to the holidays until later this year! ¬†I’m sure the fun was in part to experiencing the train ride with my in-laws. ¬†It was simply a wonderful time with all of us laughing, joking with each other, singing along, making fun of Santa (shh, don’t tell), making fun of each other, and more. ¬†I am so blessed to have the amazing in-laws that I do!

If you ever have the chance to take a ride on the Polar Express at Christmastime, I’d say go for it! ¬†It was a fun experience, and honestly, everyone got into it–adults and children alike! ¬†There was just something about it that brought everyone together.

-Tialla ‚̧

The Coconino County Fair

The county fair rolled into town this past weekend! ¬†My family and I have gone to the fair every year for as long as I can remember. ¬†It’s been a first-weekend-of-September tradition. ¬†However, this year, Joshua and I were able to experience it together as a married couple! ¬†Joshua has lived here in Flagstaff for a couple of years, but he hadn’t gone to the fair until now, so I felt rather honored to be the one to show him around.

The fair lasts four days and though my family and I would typically go on the first day (also known as “School’s Day”–when all the schools took field trips to the fair, including homeschoolers), Joshua and I didn’t end up going until the last day. ¬†We also didn’t go until the afternoon, which unfortunately was fairly close to the end of the fair, so a lot of booths were already packing up. ¬†However, it was still lots of fun.

(I forgot to take pictures other than on Snapchat, so you’ll have to forgive me.) ūüėČ


Upon entering the fair, we immediately headed for the food, because let’s be honest–that’s the best part of the fair. ¬†We both LOVE funnel cakes, which was actually one of the first things we talked about when we initially began dating, haha! ¬†We requested this funnel cake with powdered sugar, hot fudge, and caramel, which was fantastic! (As a side note, it was a bit of a breezy day, which meant I ended up with powdered sugar all over my shirt, pants, skin, and purse! ¬†Haha! ¬†Ah, the joys of powdered sugar.)


And of course, what is a county fair without cotton candy and kettle corn?  Cotton candy was really just for the nostalgia, but the caramel kettle corn was delicious!  Sweet and salty!


All in all, it was a wonderful time! ¬†We walked through the food vendors, then continued onto the booths and exhibits as I pointed out various places I had entered items when I was younger. ¬†We didn’t have a chance to go on rides as they are very expensive, but it was still fun showing them to Joshua!

Do you enjoy attending county fairs?  What is your favorite part of the fair?


Our Honeymoon!

We were blessed to have an absolutely fabulous honeymoon. ¬†Though I must say, Joshua and I are both introverts and huge “home bodies.” ¬†Thus, the more adventurous part of our honeymoon–aka, the parts with out of state/out of country traveling–definitely had us wishing for home, even with how much fun we had.

Anyway, our honeymoon started in Sedona, Arizona. ¬†Sedona is an absolutely beautiful place here in Arizona, so if you ever have a chance to visit, I highly recommend it! ¬†The town is surrounded with beautiful red rocks formations and gorgeous valleys. ¬†However, there are some really weird things about Sedona as well. ¬†Such as the belief in vortexes is huge, the amount of palm readers and mystical shops is surprising, and everything is overpriced because, well, tourists. ¬†We knew about all this before deciding to spend the first few days of our honeymoon in Sedona. ¬†However, Sedona is still beautiful and it’s a really cute town, so we planned on it, and we don’t regret it! ¬†In fact, it was our favorite part of the honeymoon. ¬†But Sedona does have another quirk we discovered: everything, literally EVERYTHING is closed at 9, or¬†maybe 9:30 at the latest. ¬†Even Taco Bell, Burger King, KFC–everything. ¬†So weird, and a little unhelpful when you and your newlywed husband want a late night snack. ¬†The only business we found open was a Bashas’ grocery store, so at least we had that!

We also got a free car wash when we drove up with our “Just married” decorations. ¬†It only helped us love Sedona even more!

Here are some photos from our Sedona adventures….




We saw Tarzan! Honestly, I don't remember much from it, though.

We saw Tarzan! I don’t remember much from it, though.


Dinner at "Golden Goose Grill" which was delicious and service was phenomenal! We had the entire patio to ourselves. :D

Dinner at “Golden Goose Grill” which was delicious and the service was phenomenal! We had the entire patio to ourselves. ūüėÄ


Starbucks of course. One of my favorite photos of us. <3

Starbucks of course. One of my favorite photos of us. ‚̧

Our next stop on our honeymoon was the Flagstaff train station!  We took the train from Flag to LA!  It was SO exciting.  We loved it, and are totally planning on taking the train again when we want to travel somewhere out of state.  Way easier than dealing with airports!



We got a sleeper roomette, which made it so much easier for the overnight trip than sitting upright in coach. ;)

We got a sleeper roomette, which made it so much easier for the overnight trip than sitting upright in coach. ūüėČ


Once in LA, we took a cab to the cruise ship port!  As first-time cruisers, we were both very confused about where to go, who to talk to, or what to do, and people seemed very reluctant to help.  That was discouraging, but we finally figured it out!

Also, the Queen Mary was right next to our ship in LA. ¬†If we wanted to do another “cruise,” I think we would just go on the Queen Mary because it is stationary! ¬†We had fun on the cruise (the unlimited food and free room service being the best part), but the motion of the ship got to us (not making us sick, just throwing us “off” all the time), and it was too crowded/too rowdy. ¬†It was a party cruise for sure, haha! ¬†And we are too introverted for that. ūüėČ

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary

First glimpse of our ship!

First glimpse of our ship!


The interior of our ship was very much into bronze, gold, and LOTS of colors. A little dated in my opinion, but maybe that's just because it was headed to Mexico!

The interior of our ship was very much into bronze, gold, and LOTS of colors. A little dated in my opinion, but I suppose they were going for a “festive” look since the ship was headed to Mexico!


Pano of the very top deck!

Pano of the very top deck!




My favorite part of our room would definitely be the portholes and window seat!

My favorite part of our stateroom would definitely be the portholes and window seat!


Pano of Mexico!

Pano of Mexico!


We definitely had fun! It was a bit windy so my hubby had to hold my hat. <3

We definitely had fun! It was a bit windy so my hubby had to hold my hat. ‚̧


All dressed up for fancy night!

All dressed up for fancy night!


Our waiter was so nice on the last night of our cruise!  He had this small cake made for us!



We had quite a gap between disembarking from our cruise ship and catching our train back to Flag, so we took a cab to an outlet mall.



Yep, on our honeymoon, we joined all the little kids and saw The Secret Life of Pets. With all of our luggage still with us, because there was no where to put it. The movie was cute!

Yep, on our honeymoon, we joined all the little kids and saw The Secret Life of Pets. With all of our luggage still with us, because there was nowhere to put it. The movie was cute!


After the movie we walked outside for a while, found a Barnes and Noble, and browsed there for a bit.




The view from the cab.

The view from the cab.


And the train ride back to Flagstaff!

And the train ride back to Flagstaff!


After we got back to Flagstaff, we still had another week set aside for our honeymoon, giving us two weeks total. ¬†Unfortunately, Joshua did have to work half-days that week, and even though we didn’t like being separated for that, it was helpful to have something for a paycheck. ūüôā ¬†All in all, it was lots of fun, and a wonderful time to just relax with each other. ¬†We definitely miss those days of spending every moment together without the need to go to work or anything, but we enjoyed it while it lasted!