Blizzard Weekend!

We have had SO. MUCH. SNOW over this past weekend.  Apparently it was a series of three major storms that all came through starting on Friday.  I think the snow started really early Friday morning, before the sun graced our part of the world, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t stop snowing the entire time until maybe Monday.  Even then, we still got a light sprinkling of snow on Tuesday.


I feel so bad for all the college students with such tiny cars in our apartment complex.  Their cars were literally BURIED.  If I were them, I don’t even know what I’d begin to do.  I’d probably just walk everywhere, and that might actually be what several of them decided to do. 😉


It’s scary enough for us to drive, and we have an SUV with 4-wheel drive.  So far we haven’t gotten stuck, but it’s definitely a fear of mine, especially when we have to park in the deep snow because it hasn’t been cleared yet.  (Our complex isn’t the best at snow removal.  Our stairs are icy and slippery, and though the driving areas of the parking lot are cleared, the plow blocks in the cars with the snow.  And it has taken days for any spots to get cleared.  Not to mention the half foot drop at the entrance from all the snow, ice, and slush.  But I digress.)


I’m not sure what the total amount of snowfall in inches was, but it was LOTS, guys.  LOTS.


Thankfully for us, both my husband and I quite like the snow.  No, I don’t love driving in it, in fact the prospect rather terrifies me after I spun out last winter.  Other than that, though, we love it.  The cold weather makes for perfect cuddling temperatures, the snow is beautiful, and it’s just kind of magical in its own way, especially when it starts falling in huge feathery flakes.  The world is quieted for a while.

(For long-time blog followers, you may recall when I was fifteen or so, I tried to “boycott” the snow and just hated cold weather all around.  That was mainly due to my shoulder injury {though I wouldn’t quite admit it then, I don’t think}, because pain and cold weather don’t mix well.  Time changes things, and this is certainly something I’ve had a change of heart about.  I love wintertime now!)


One thing that I’m quite proud of, actually, is that hubby and I haven’t let the snow keep us from hitting the gym regularly.  Thankfully, our complex gym is right by our apartment, so it’s a very short walk.  However, it’s still rather daunting to walk outside in the feet of snow with only sneakers, yoga pants, a workout tank, and a workout jacket.  My poor husband was in even worse shape with shorts and a t-shirt.  However, we hurried to the gym and didn’t let the cold, snow, or ice stop us from getting our fitness in.  And honestly, the walk back to our apartment was refreshingly cold.

As the snow continued to come down on Saturday, Joshua and I spent the entire day with a Sherlock marathon.  It was his first time watching the show and it was so much fun!  Due to the continued snowfall, dangerous roads, and snow removal issues, church was cancelled the next day, so I made us a pot of oatmeal for breakfast, which we enjoyed with coffee and more Sherlock.  Later that afternoon, we braved the weather to get food for the week (our empty fridge let us know that could not be postponed!), stopped in at a cafe for a chai latte, and safely made it home again.

As it was still snowing on Monday, my husband was able to come home early from work, which made for a wonderfully relaxing afternoon!

Other than the slight dusting of snow on Tuesday, it has been sunny since, which is giving everyone a chance to actually dig themselves out.  All in all, it was a very happy weekend and the city looks beautiful with snow-covered everything.

Until next time,

-Tialla ❤

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy last day of 2014, friends!  This year has been full of firsts and adventures.  Of course, there was sadness as well, but that’s life, and I have an amazing God to help me through.  🙂  Here’s to more adventures in 2015!

Also, we’re having a huge snowstorm here, so here’s a couple photos and a video.  Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve, everyone!

December 31 2014


snow december 31 2014



Influenza Epidemic – seriously.

I can’t promise that this post is going to be all the entertaining…because….I just getting over a bad case of the stomach flu and am *very* exhausted and tired, and drowsy, and not able to concentrate much, and…. I think you get the picture.  Hopefully sometime during this week I’ll be able to write a much better post.  🙂

Yeah, so I was over at a friend’s house on Friday doing experiments for Marine Biology, when it all started.  We were dissecting a shark.  Eew!  I’ve always been like, “Ugh, that’s gross,” but have never actually been sick from it.  Except this time.  During the middle of it, I started to get kind of queasy but tried to ignore because, frankly, it’s pathetic that I would be so grossed out by a high school lab dissection!  I’ve dissected several creatures before!!

Anyway, I ended up…you know….hurling.  I was so embarrassed, but I felt so bad overall that I couldn’t care all that much. I was completely in a fog…I didn’t really “register” what people were saying or doing, and even though I answered, I can’t remember those answers now for the life of me.

When my friends dropped me off back home, I was still feeling quite sick, and when we walked in the door, the “aroma” of fresh-baked muffins met my nose.  Oh, I’m sure they’re delicious, but fiercely didn’t agree with my stomach at the moment.   🙄   haha

Let’s just say 7 hours later and 15 times of throwing up I was finally starting to feel a little better.  Man, I was so tired and thirsty…but I couldn’t keep anything down and only had half an hour between “letting loose” to rest.  I was soooo glad when I was finally done.

That was Friday.  Today’s Monday.  My stomach still hurts.  I guess it’s going to take several days for it all to calm down.  I hadn’t eaten anything since Friday morning until last night, but at least I can get something down now.  :/

But, it’s not just me.  Friday night my two baby brothers started throwing up as well. Late that night my sister and mom threw up.  Saturday night my older brother got sick as well.  Last night it was my dad.  I only have one brother left to go – then all of us will be sick.

However, my sister really wasn’t that bad so right now she’s pretty good…. and the babies throw up occasionally but otherwise are ok…but still.  We are definitely quarantined with the “epidemic” in our house.  Isn’t it fun with families??  One person gets sick; they all get sick.   😉 We’re unfortunately very good at sharing.   😛

In other news, this weekend we’ve also received several inches of snow!  Wherever I look, there’s snow everywhere.  We have Christmas music playing, the heater on, and snow outside.  Yeah, I’m ready for the holidays.  😀

I can’t exactly think of a Bible verse this time, but if you could pray to Jesus for me and my family, that would be great.  Actually, I just had a great idea – how about you tell me about a Bible verse God has set on your heart today?  If you don’t have one, that’s ok, but if you do, I’d love to hear it!

How’s your weekend been? haha


Surgery Accomplished!

Have you ever had a long-term injury that absolutely nothing helps it get better and it just becomes increasingly worse to where the only option left is surgery – even though the doctors and physical therapists and nurses don’t know what’s wrong?  Oh, and you’ve had injections and therapy to where it doesn’t really seem like a shocker anymore?

Well, I have.  If you want to read about everything that happened and has been going on, you can read that

The main point is that I have spent all of 2010 (well, minus about 2 1/2 months) with a shoulder injury and lots of testing. However of December 21st, I had Exploratory Surgery on my shoulder, and now (hopefully) I’m on the healing side. The reason why I say hopefully is because I won’t know for sure if my shoulder is completely better until April or May. 😦

So right now, I practically live in a recliner, and am in more pain than I expected. My doctor had thought that I had a tear, but when he went in, he didn’t find one, but instead, he found a ton of stuff that he totally didn’t expect. My shoulder was literally filled with bursitis and inflammation, along with my shoulder being very lax – which would’ve happened from the root of my injury, don’t laugh – arm wrestling. Yes, this girl decided to take on her older brother with arm wrestling. And came out with an injury. But I almost beat him! Not sure it was worth it, though.

My doctor was so surprised at finding that much bursitis in my shoulder… He would expect it of a person twice my age or older, but never in someone my age – a girl in highschool. He was able to scrape it all out, though, and put me on meds for the inflammation.

Oh yeah, and about the…uh…meds… Well…I can’t really stand or walk or make sudden movements at all because I get really dizzy and light-headed. My mom thinks it’s because I’m a Blonde, but I account it to the drugs. Really. You believe me, right? This never happened before so it can’t be the Blonde hair, right? Ok, maybe a little…BUT ONLY A LITTLE. Hehe anyway…

The laxity my doctor found in my shoulder was very strange too (oh and for those of you who are confused, laxity just means how loose your shoulder is for movement. Aren’t you happy Tia helped you out? Sure you are. 🙂 ) – not common for a person my age. The normal amount of laxity is around 10%, but mine was 40%. So, my doctor sutured it together and tightened it up. He put 7 sutures on the inside of my shoulder for that purpose alone – we even have little pictures to show for it (no, you do not get to see them. Sorry.). He did a couple other things too, like smoothing out a sharp bone, but after two hours, he had me all fixed up.

I ended up with 18 stitches total in my shoulder – 7 on the inside, 11 on the outside. That’s 18, right? If not, don’t blame me, it’s the meds. *wink*

Ok, well, the meds also make me drowsy, (along with having to type this whole thing with ONE HAND), so I’m gonna sign off and eat some chocolate. Maybe drink some Dr. Pepper. And take a nap.


Snowing or Mowing?

Bing Images

This time last year, we were about two feet deep in snow and chattering our teeth.  It was probably in the negatives, and lawn movers with snow plows were abundant on our road.  In fact, it had almost become a competition as to which man can endure the longest and plow the most snow with their lawn mowers.  Except one of our neighbors decided to get their quad out to join the ranks since they didn’t own a riding mower. 😛

But then we have my dad, who brings out his big tractor – leaving all the lawn movers behind.  It’s quite humorous to watch all this going on, and one of these years, I’m going to have to video tape it and play it to Christmas music.

However, I don’t know if that’s going to be this year.  If you ask why, well, it’s about 50 degrees (quite warm in the mountains for December!), sunny, and with hardly a breeze.  A snowflake isn’t in sight, and as far as we know, we aren’t expecting a cold front for at least a week or so.  And you know what?  I’m good with it!!  😀

Actually, I’m really happy that it isn’t cold.  Now it has snowed here a few weeks ago, but right now, it’s absolutely gorgeous!  For December, two weeks before Christmas, we are having very unusual and awesome weather.  You know that I’m not a fan of snow (, so I’m pretty happy, but I’m kind of wondering why it isn’t snowing.

Is my boycott working?  I don’t think so….that’s just something to make me feel better when it does snow!  Maybe the Lord is being gracious to me and preventing a change of weather until my surgery, since the cold makes my injured shoulder hurt really bad. (

I don’t know, but either way, it is fantabulously beautiful here, when it should be freezing!!!

Question of the Day: What’s the weather like where you’re at?


Christmas Gifts…Spend Money, or Brain Power?

Bing Images

As the Christmas season approaches, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas of what to give all 5 of my family members.  Now, just figuratively speaking, we don’t really do all that much for Christmas.  Overall, it just costs a lot of money if you go all out on it, so we stay pretty minimal with the decorations and such.  Normally, we just have our stockings hung up, so we try to give presents that fit in them, but if they are bigger, we just put them near our fireplace.

However, we still do give gifts so I was thinking about what to do.  I don’t have any spare money to spend, and with my injured shoulder, I can’t work, so the normal idea of buying gifts is pretty much out.  Usually, I try to make more gifts than I buy anyway, so it’s not that foreign of an idea to me – just takes some extra thinking.

So, here are some of the ideas that I have come up with, and I hope that I can accomplish at least some of these before Christmas: (Note to Family Members: This doesn’t mean that this is what you are getting for Christmas.  They are just ideas, so don’t get excited.)

  • Puzzles – Find a photo you like in a magazine, photocopy it, then cut the photo out from the magazine.  Cut the magazine photo into puzzle pieces.  Put everything (photocopy, puzzle pieces) into a Ziploc bag. Voila – a homemade puzzle that your family is sure to enjoy!
  • Knit, crochet, or sew hats, scarves, gloves, slippers, sweaters, ect. – This will only work if you know how to knit, crochet, or sew, so don’t try it if you don’t know how. 😉  However, if you like this craft and you have spare time, these gifts will be loved!
  • Word Searches or Crossword Puzzles – You really can make these, and they are quite easy!  Just get a list of corresponding words and fit them together in a puzzle!
  • Homemade Sweets and Baked Goods – Everybody loves these, just make sure they are wrapped before entering the stocking, and made only a day or so before Christmas!

Anyway, these are just a few, and of course, one could always buy their gifts, but people always *love* homemade gifts (as long as they are well done, right?) 😀  I will definitely be making my gifts this year (or most of them), since I don’t have much money to spend on gifts, and can’t work because of my injured shoulder.  So, have fun this holiday, and be creative!

Question of the Day: What other gifts could you make?