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Giving hubby a haircut!

Back when I got my haircut a few weeks ago, I was talking with my hairstylist about different places around town to get haircuts, and she said something that at first made me laugh and then ponder later on.

She asked, “And where does your husband go for his haircuts?  Or do you cut it for him?”

I laughed because, as I told her, “I would be absolutely terrified to cut his hair.”  I had these images in my head of cutting way too short or jagged/unblended and I greatly dislike buzz cuts, so I didn’t want to chance it.  However, what she told me next got me thinking it just might be possible.

She first asked what kind of haircut he got, and when I answered, “An 8-blade all over,” she insisted that I could totally do it myself.  She let me know that you can’t go any shorter than the guard on the trimmer, so it’s totally safe and easy especially since it’s just the one blade!  There wouldn’t be anything to blend.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was possible.  And boy, would it save us money!  My husband gets his hair cut far more often than I do (which is natural, considering he keeps his hair short), and we always get his beard trimmed at the same time.  Though it’s only $13.95 for the cut & $5 for the beard trim, when you add a tip and go back month after month, it starts adding up.  I’ve mentioned before that we have a tight budget, so any chance to save money is a win for us!  Thus…

We ordered this men’s hair trimmer on Amazon.  $50 for all those blades AND a cape to keep off all the itchy hair (and a bunch of other tools, plus instructions & tips)?  I think YES.

It’s basically salon quality and we love it!  We did the math and realized that within two haircuts, we would pay off the trimmer and start saving money.  Not only will this replace haircuts, but also the beard trims because this kit came with all the short blades also.  Joshua was definitely in need of a haircut by the time it arrived, so I sat him down in the middle of the kitchen (as our bathroom is too small) on a step ladder that night, fastened the cape, poured over the instructions, and with a few nervous chuckles, got started.

The instructions actually made it way more complicated than it was, but I’m sure they are more accurate for doing multiple lengths and blending and such.  With just one length, I didn’t really need to concern myself with going by sections, just paying attention to hair growth direction.  It was slow, but we got it done, including the beard trim, which was probably the scariest part for me because it could have so easily gone wrong when I was cleaning up the neck beard and mustache!

I think next time I’ll go shorter with the beard trim, but it was great for a start!  I think I’m mostly excited about this because we no longer have to wait to have the money for his haircut and trim; as soon as he starts looking scruffy, we can clean it all up!  Previously, he would get scruffy before we could afford to get it cut, so he’d just have to wait.  This will be so nice, I’m sure!  (Oh and there’s only hair on his shirt at the end because we took off the cape after the haircut so he could look in the mirror and forgot to put it back on before doing the beard trim.  There wasn’t anything on his shirt after the haircut, so he would have been hair-free if we remembered it!)

Anyway, that was our adventure lately!  Have you non-hairdressers ever cut someone’s hair?  Do you cut your boyfriend’s/husband’s hair?

Until next time, friends!

Exploring Sedona & Haircut!

Last Saturday, Joshua and I decided to take a day trip to Sedona!  For those of you who don’t know much about Arizona, Sedona is about thirty minutes south of Flagstaff, which makes it easy for quick trips like this.  Sedona is pretty much our favorite place in Arizona, in fact, we spent the first part of our honeymoon there!  It’s beautiful with the drive down Oak Creek Canyon, the red rocks, and the mountain views.  From what I’ve experienced, a lot of the people in Sedona are very nice and accommodating, as they are super used to tourists.  In fact, when we found a car wash for our decorated “just married” car on our honeymoon, they gave us the ultimate car wash at no charge.  We also loved The Golden Goose restaurant for a chill but classy dinner, and actually got the entire patio to ourselves with a wonderfully personable waitress.  The only weird thing about Sedona is that almost everything except one grocery store closes down at 9 PM.  I guess they are just used to only day tourists…?  Haha.

I’ve been meaning to blog about our trip all week, but I haven’t had a single chance until now.  I have lots of pictures, though, so here we go!

We started on our trip at 2:30 in the afternoon because Saturdays mean sleep. 😉  Again, Sedona is only thirty minutes away, so we felt like we still had the whole day ahead of us to spend.  Of course, no trip is complete without a coffee run….

Caramel iced coffee with cream.  I don’t get extra sugar because the caramel is a sweetened syrup.

The day started out rainy and windy in Flagstaff, so we were pretty concerned that it would be miserable in Sedona and a waste of a trip.  Siri assured us it would be clear and warm in Sedona, though, so we crossed our fingers and made the drive anyway.  It rained pretty much the whole way down, so that didn’t help our doubts, lol.  Rainy/stormy days are our favorites, but it wasn’t quite what we wanted when we planned on walking around outside!

Sure enough, the weather cleared up about five minutes before entering Uptown Sedona, and remained clear the whole time we were there!  We visit Uptown Sedona the most because it’s the tourist area, plentiful with adorable shops.  Jewelry, knives, guns, psychics, fudge, ice cream, clothing, jams & jellies, mystical stones, vortex souvenirs, and more!  It’s lots of fun to browse and people watch.  Of course, everything is extremely overpriced so we rarely purchase anything unless the price happens to be negligible.

Among the many Uptown shops, we happened across this hilarious sign of which I absolutely had to snap a photo!  I loved it!  Of course, I want my husband with me while I shop, that’s kind of why we went down together, lol, but I still think it’s fantastic.

One of our favorite shops in Sedona has olive oil and balsamic vinegar taste-testing!  There are two shops like this in Uptown Sedona, but this one has bread + cups for tasting, not just cups.  I am a huge fan of balsamic vinegar, so I always love tasting these!  I think my favorite from this trip was Wild Blueberry, but the Maple came close also!

We happened upon a sunglasses shop, which funnily enough also sold a bunch of sandals.  It was at this store that I spotted a wall of Sanuk sandals, which I’ve heard are fantastic.  I’ve wanted a pair for forever, but just never got around to getting them.  However, these were the same price as online, and we were already there, so I decided to get them.  I can’t wait for summer to try them out.  Just need a fresh pedicure now. 😉

(If you don’t know, Sanuk sandals are made out of yoga mat and fabric.  Apparently this makes them really comfortable because you have great support & cushion, as well as no chaffing for your toes, because it doesn’t have that plastic piece.)

Around five, we decided to head to the south side of Sedona for sushi!  We needed to get back home to practice music for church the next day (we are the husband & wife “worship team” lol), so we decided to end our day with sushi and then head back up to Flagstaff.

We love going to Hiro’s for sushi here in Flagstaff, and I found out that there was one in Sedona, so we decided to try it out and see how different/alike it was.  My favorite roll wasn’t there, unfortunately (the Arizona roll), but I tried the Firecracker roll and it was amazing as well!  Crab, shrimp tempura, eel sauce…and other stuff I can’t remember.  It was delish!

We also ordered an avocado roll, though we didn’t realize that it was only rice and avocado, so we won’t be getting that again.  I thought it was sushi with avocado, haha!

Hubby ordered the Volcano roll, which admittedly doesn’t look very appetizing by appearances (to me, at least) but he said it’s his new favorite roll, so I’d say the taste makes up for looks!  Too bad that particular roll isn’t at our favorite haunt here in Flag.  It just gives us another reason to return to Hiro’s in Sedona, such a bummer, lol.  We’ve determined that we will for sure be coming back here when we visit!  It might just become a tradition.  We also love coming to Hiro’s (in Flag & Sedona) because it is super affordable for quality sushi.  For two rolls, we typically only end up spending $35.

The drive back up was just as gorgeous!  Every time we drive this route, it always takes my breath away!

Of course, it helped that the sky was simply spectacular with the storm clouds!

And now, moving onto other news!  I got a haircut yesterday!  I love keeping my hair short, but I can typically go about six months between trims.  Last time I got my hair cut was back in October, and so I was definitely due for a trim!  My hair was getting long enough to get caught under the collar of my shirts/jackets, so I was getting annoyed.  I like keeping the back of my hair above my collar and the front just at my collarbone in an A-line cut.  I’ve had this style since October and I’ve loved it!  It feels so nice to have it trimmed again.

And that’s all for now!  Have a lovely weekend!

The Coconino County Fair

The county fair rolled into town this past weekend!  My family and I have gone to the fair every year for as long as I can remember.  It’s been a first-weekend-of-September tradition.  However, this year, Joshua and I were able to experience it together as a married couple!  Joshua has lived here in Flagstaff for a couple of years, but he hadn’t gone to the fair until now, so I felt rather honored to be the one to show him around.

The fair lasts four days and though my family and I would typically go on the first day (also known as “School’s Day”–when all the schools took field trips to the fair, including homeschoolers), Joshua and I didn’t end up going until the last day.  We also didn’t go until the afternoon, which unfortunately was fairly close to the end of the fair, so a lot of booths were already packing up.  However, it was still lots of fun.

(I forgot to take pictures other than on Snapchat, so you’ll have to forgive me.) 😉


Upon entering the fair, we immediately headed for the food, because let’s be honest–that’s the best part of the fair.  We both LOVE funnel cakes, which was actually one of the first things we talked about when we initially began dating, haha!  We requested this funnel cake with powdered sugar, hot fudge, and caramel, which was fantastic! (As a side note, it was a bit of a breezy day, which meant I ended up with powdered sugar all over my shirt, pants, skin, and purse!  Haha!  Ah, the joys of powdered sugar.)


And of course, what is a county fair without cotton candy and kettle corn?  Cotton candy was really just for the nostalgia, but the caramel kettle corn was delicious!  Sweet and salty!


All in all, it was a wonderful time!  We walked through the food vendors, then continued onto the booths and exhibits as I pointed out various places I had entered items when I was younger.  We didn’t have a chance to go on rides as they are very expensive, but it was still fun showing them to Joshua!

Do you enjoy attending county fairs?  What is your favorite part of the fair?


Color Vibe 5K!

You know how I’ve written a few times about running?  As I’ve said, I really enjoy it.  Well…I enjoy how healthy and accomplished I feel, haha.  I’m still trying to get over the pain in my legs and lungs as I run, but I’ll get there!

Back in the beginning of April, I signed up for the Color Vibe 5K here in Flagstaff.  If you don’t know what the Color Vibe is, it’s a 5K course set up with various “color stations” throughout where workers spray runners with color.  The point is to get as much color on you as possible before, during, and after the run.  Most people wear white so the color shows up exceptionally well.  I was a little nervous as the run was coming up, considering I’m not much of a runner and I’ve never been in a race before.  Also, there were over 3,000 people there, and huge crowds tend to intimidate me — especially when I know I’ll be smack-dab in the middle of it.

But let me tell you, it was SO. MUCH. FUN.  It was probably the best first 5K in which to participate, considering it was super chill and all about just having fun, not competition.  Also, I’d say about eighty percent of the participants walked the course instead of running, so it wasn’t a huge deal that I’m not that great of a runner.  Lots of people wore hilarious costumes as well, which made it even more fun.  It was also fantastic because of the friends I went with.  My good friend Emily was my running partner.  She was such a very loyal partner and stayed with me the whole time!  I’m so thankful for her.  We also went with my other friends Rachael and Kayla, as well as Rachael’s sister, brother, and mother.

Not only was it fun, but apparently I created a new personal best time.  I didn’t even realize I was running faster than usual, but I finished much sooner than anticipated.  All I can say is I guess I was feeding off all the positive energy from everyone else. 🙂  The community of runners and walkers there was absolutely incredible.  Everyone was encouraging and uplifting — I can’t even begin to count how many high-fives I was given!

Below are photos from the event.  I definitely want to do it again next year!

From left to right: Kayla, Me, Emily, Rachael, Rachael's sister Hannah, and Rachael's brother Josh

From left to right: Kayla, Me, Emily, Rachael, Rachael’s sister Hannah, and Rachael’s brother Josh




From left to right: Rachael, Josh, Kayla, Me, Hannah, and Rachael's mom.

From left to right: Rachael, Josh, Kayla, Me, Hannah, Rachael’s mom…and my little brother Xavier at the bottom of the photo, haha.


We made it!

We made it!


I think pink is my color. ;)  There isn't any filter or editing on this photo either - it was really that neon pink!

I think pink is my color. 😉 There isn’t any filter or editing on this photo either – it really was that neon pink!


-Tialla ♥

450 pages of ink and paper – ish

I have debated on whether not I should print out my novel to edit it the next time around on paper, instead of being schmancy and scanning it on the computer.  I think that it would be a very good idea to edit this way to ensure finding 90% of the typos in my manuscript.  When I have brought this idea up with others, they’ve asked me, “What’s the difference with doing it that way?”  Well let me tell you – lots differentOkie dokie?  🙂 haha ok, well actually, it’s just toally different than on a screen.  You are in a different mindset, and believe it or not, you’re looking for completely different things in different ways.

So yeah – that’s what’s different!  And, in my opinion, if you really want to catch most typos, you should edit in as many ways and settings as you can to give your book/writing the best chance possible.  Both you and it deserve it!

So I told my Dad about this idea, and sure, he thought it would be a good idea for editing, but in reality, he showed me that it would cost WAY more money than would really be acceptable to spend.  It would be about 450 pages (close to a whole ream of paper!), and a ton of ink that already costs a lot anyway.

I just decided to use a few different tricks in editing and be happy with how it turns out after all.  Hey, I have 3 other people editing it as well, so it should be just fine, right?

But then I received an email from one of my best editors.  Kind of made me laugh.

Apparently, she was bewildered as to why she just wasn’t getting through my book, and couldn’t figure out why…for a while.  After

Bing Images

 thinking, she found out that she just isn’t in the same mindset when she’s reading on a computer screen.  So what’d she do?  She printed up my entire novel.  Yep, you just read that right.  All 450 pages.  However, she doesn’t feel any pain over it because she had a coupon.  Ah, the wonders of coupons!

So now she is merrily getting along through my book and even lent the first 100 pages to my Mom (who is editing it as well), because apparently she can’t read books on the computer very well either.  In fact, in the last 3 months, she’s made it to chapter 5 out of 44.  Probably a good idea to have it in print on paper, right?

As for me, I’ve already changed a lot on my computer copy, so if I decide to use a printed edition, I’ll have to print my own copy instead of borrowing it.  Bummer.  😉

I will definitely be interrogating watching my mom and other editor as they make progress through this setup, and see how beneficial it is!

Well, off to editing!

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite way of editing your pieces?


Visual Arts Have Power

A few months back, my friend came over to my house, and as we were just talking and hanging out, the conversation started veering towards my novel, Holding the Future Hostage.  At that time, I wasn’t finished writing it, but almost, so my friend decided to ask me about publishers, editing, and finally, my characters.

Now, obviously, all of my characters already have their own personalities, but I hadn’t really defined their looks according to their personalities (make sense?).  My friend loves art and drawing – creativity in general, so, she asked if she could draw my main character – Virginia.  (https://tiallarising.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/four-of-my-main-characters/)

Of course, I was all for it.  I couldn’t wait to see how she pictured my heroine just by my definitions and imagination (yes, I still have a rather large imagination 🙂 ).  As my friend sketched Virginia to life, I was astounded, amazed, and (here it comes) flabbergasted at how well she had done.

I never knew my friend could draw like this!  In about 15 minutes – max – my main character was drawn on paper (no, sorry, but it wasn’t a chalkboard) just as I had always imagined her.  Beautiful, peaceful, yet resolved, and content.  Not jaw-dropping and fake gorgeous, but real and inner beauty that shows through her.

After my friend saw my reaction to her drawing and how I couldn’t praise her enough for making “Virginia come to life”, she decided to draw another big character in my novel – Bryan, Virginia’s computer geek 18-year-old brother.  (See link above)  Once again, in just a few minutes, she had Bryan down-flat as I always imagined him.  It was….stunning!!  My friend continued onto draw my bad guy, Shawn, and Virginia’s best friend, Ashlee.  Both were amazingly accurate, and now while I’m editing my novel, I can always glance up to my wall where all the “portraits” are proudly hung.

Even now, as I stare into Virginia’s penetrating eyes, I imagine her as a real person…just locked in an adventure I’ve created.  Well, actually, right now I am watching my dog eating the stitches out of my bed comforter, but that’s beside the point!  You know what I mean!  😀

Question of the Day: Visual arts are so influencing on our brains…what visual art has impressed you lately?


Upcoming Surgery

As much as I love posting on my blog, I have to tell you that I will be out of commission for a little bit in a few weeks.  My Christmas gift this year is going to be shoulder surgery.  Yep, there you have it.  I’m not kidding you.  I injured my shoulder in April and since then the pain has increased to where I can hardly do anything with that arm.  I wasn’t going to tell you this, but I guess I will let you know how I injured it.  Arm wrestling with my 19-year-old brother.  I’ve learned that it wasn’t the smartest thing, but hey, I’m ambitious, and I almost beat him too!  Seriously.  I almost did…but I’m not sure if almost beating him was worth it for now 9 months worth of increasing pain.

I’ve gone to an Orthopedic, and have had lots of testing done, along with Physical Therapy, and the bottom line is that we don’t know for sure what is wrong.  The Physical Therapy didn’t help, it actually only made the pain worse.  I had an MRI and dye injection, but the MRI didn’t show anything wrong.  My doctor gave me a Cortisone injection (which hurts like crazy – let me tell ya!), but it didn’t give me any relief.

So, Christmas week, I’m going to have Exploratory Surgery on my shoulder.  My doctor has a strong suspicion that I have a tear in my shoulder, since all the physical tests that he’s done have shown symptoms of it being a tear, so if he finds one when I’m in surgery, he’ll suture it.

I’m glad to have this finally taken care of, but it’s still surgery, so there will be downfalls as well.  It’s been so long since my shoulder was “normal” that I actually find myself watching people in movies or in person and seeing how easily they do things with their shoulders that I haven’t been able to do for months.  My doctor has even put me on prescription pain meds because the Motrin and Tylenol haven’t been doing the job.  I tried to stay off of my pain meds for one day just to see how much “real” pain I had, and I was astounded by how much pain there was.  Enough, though.  In a few weeks, I’ll have surgery, and I should be on the healing side.

The main point of this post is to tell you  not to expect that many posts out of me come Christmas week and a few weeks after.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back (spoken with an accent!)!  😀  I’ll probably still get in a lot of posts, but there will definitely be a drop in them the week after Christmas.

So, just be thinking about me come Christmas week as I am moaning lounging on the couch after my surgery. Hopefully eating bon-bons.  🙂