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Exploring Sedona & Haircut!

Last Saturday, Joshua and I decided to take a day trip to Sedona!  For those of you who don’t know much about Arizona, Sedona is about thirty minutes south of Flagstaff, which makes it easy for quick trips like this.  Sedona is pretty much our favorite place in Arizona, in fact, we spent the first part of our honeymoon there!  It’s beautiful with the drive down Oak Creek Canyon, the red rocks, and the mountain views.  From what I’ve experienced, a lot of the people in Sedona are very nice and accommodating, as they are super used to tourists.  In fact, when we found a car wash for our decorated “just married” car on our honeymoon, they gave us the ultimate car wash at no charge.  We also loved The Golden Goose restaurant for a chill but classy dinner, and actually got the entire patio to ourselves with a wonderfully personable waitress.  The only weird thing about Sedona is that almost everything except one grocery store closes down at 9 PM.  I guess they are just used to only day tourists…?  Haha.

I’ve been meaning to blog about our trip all week, but I haven’t had a single chance until now.  I have lots of pictures, though, so here we go!

We started on our trip at 2:30 in the afternoon because Saturdays mean sleep. 😉  Again, Sedona is only thirty minutes away, so we felt like we still had the whole day ahead of us to spend.  Of course, no trip is complete without a coffee run….

Caramel iced coffee with cream.  I don’t get extra sugar because the caramel is a sweetened syrup.

The day started out rainy and windy in Flagstaff, so we were pretty concerned that it would be miserable in Sedona and a waste of a trip.  Siri assured us it would be clear and warm in Sedona, though, so we crossed our fingers and made the drive anyway.  It rained pretty much the whole way down, so that didn’t help our doubts, lol.  Rainy/stormy days are our favorites, but it wasn’t quite what we wanted when we planned on walking around outside!

Sure enough, the weather cleared up about five minutes before entering Uptown Sedona, and remained clear the whole time we were there!  We visit Uptown Sedona the most because it’s the tourist area, plentiful with adorable shops.  Jewelry, knives, guns, psychics, fudge, ice cream, clothing, jams & jellies, mystical stones, vortex souvenirs, and more!  It’s lots of fun to browse and people watch.  Of course, everything is extremely overpriced so we rarely purchase anything unless the price happens to be negligible.

Among the many Uptown shops, we happened across this hilarious sign of which I absolutely had to snap a photo!  I loved it!  Of course, I want my husband with me while I shop, that’s kind of why we went down together, lol, but I still think it’s fantastic.

One of our favorite shops in Sedona has olive oil and balsamic vinegar taste-testing!  There are two shops like this in Uptown Sedona, but this one has bread + cups for tasting, not just cups.  I am a huge fan of balsamic vinegar, so I always love tasting these!  I think my favorite from this trip was Wild Blueberry, but the Maple came close also!

We happened upon a sunglasses shop, which funnily enough also sold a bunch of sandals.  It was at this store that I spotted a wall of Sanuk sandals, which I’ve heard are fantastic.  I’ve wanted a pair for forever, but just never got around to getting them.  However, these were the same price as online, and we were already there, so I decided to get them.  I can’t wait for summer to try them out.  Just need a fresh pedicure now. 😉

(If you don’t know, Sanuk sandals are made out of yoga mat and fabric.  Apparently this makes them really comfortable because you have great support & cushion, as well as no chaffing for your toes, because it doesn’t have that plastic piece.)

Around five, we decided to head to the south side of Sedona for sushi!  We needed to get back home to practice music for church the next day (we are the husband & wife “worship team” lol), so we decided to end our day with sushi and then head back up to Flagstaff.

We love going to Hiro’s for sushi here in Flagstaff, and I found out that there was one in Sedona, so we decided to try it out and see how different/alike it was.  My favorite roll wasn’t there, unfortunately (the Arizona roll), but I tried the Firecracker roll and it was amazing as well!  Crab, shrimp tempura, eel sauce…and other stuff I can’t remember.  It was delish!

We also ordered an avocado roll, though we didn’t realize that it was only rice and avocado, so we won’t be getting that again.  I thought it was sushi with avocado, haha!

Hubby ordered the Volcano roll, which admittedly doesn’t look very appetizing by appearances (to me, at least) but he said it’s his new favorite roll, so I’d say the taste makes up for looks!  Too bad that particular roll isn’t at our favorite haunt here in Flag.  It just gives us another reason to return to Hiro’s in Sedona, such a bummer, lol.  We’ve determined that we will for sure be coming back here when we visit!  It might just become a tradition.  We also love coming to Hiro’s (in Flag & Sedona) because it is super affordable for quality sushi.  For two rolls, we typically only end up spending $35.

The drive back up was just as gorgeous!  Every time we drive this route, it always takes my breath away!

Of course, it helped that the sky was simply spectacular with the storm clouds!

And now, moving onto other news!  I got a haircut yesterday!  I love keeping my hair short, but I can typically go about six months between trims.  Last time I got my hair cut was back in October, and so I was definitely due for a trim!  My hair was getting long enough to get caught under the collar of my shirts/jackets, so I was getting annoyed.  I like keeping the back of my hair above my collar and the front just at my collarbone in an A-line cut.  I’ve had this style since October and I’ve loved it!  It feels so nice to have it trimmed again.

And that’s all for now!  Have a lovely weekend!

The Coconino County Fair

The county fair rolled into town this past weekend!  My family and I have gone to the fair every year for as long as I can remember.  It’s been a first-weekend-of-September tradition.  However, this year, Joshua and I were able to experience it together as a married couple!  Joshua has lived here in Flagstaff for a couple of years, but he hadn’t gone to the fair until now, so I felt rather honored to be the one to show him around.

The fair lasts four days and though my family and I would typically go on the first day (also known as “School’s Day”–when all the schools took field trips to the fair, including homeschoolers), Joshua and I didn’t end up going until the last day.  We also didn’t go until the afternoon, which unfortunately was fairly close to the end of the fair, so a lot of booths were already packing up.  However, it was still lots of fun.

(I forgot to take pictures other than on Snapchat, so you’ll have to forgive me.) 😉


Upon entering the fair, we immediately headed for the food, because let’s be honest–that’s the best part of the fair.  We both LOVE funnel cakes, which was actually one of the first things we talked about when we initially began dating, haha!  We requested this funnel cake with powdered sugar, hot fudge, and caramel, which was fantastic! (As a side note, it was a bit of a breezy day, which meant I ended up with powdered sugar all over my shirt, pants, skin, and purse!  Haha!  Ah, the joys of powdered sugar.)


And of course, what is a county fair without cotton candy and kettle corn?  Cotton candy was really just for the nostalgia, but the caramel kettle corn was delicious!  Sweet and salty!


All in all, it was a wonderful time!  We walked through the food vendors, then continued onto the booths and exhibits as I pointed out various places I had entered items when I was younger.  We didn’t have a chance to go on rides as they are very expensive, but it was still fun showing them to Joshua!

Do you enjoy attending county fairs?  What is your favorite part of the fair?


Color Vibe 5K!

You know how I’ve written a few times about running?  As I’ve said, I really enjoy it.  Well…I enjoy how healthy and accomplished I feel, haha.  I’m still trying to get over the pain in my legs and lungs as I run, but I’ll get there!

Back in the beginning of April, I signed up for the Color Vibe 5K here in Flagstaff.  If you don’t know what the Color Vibe is, it’s a 5K course set up with various “color stations” throughout where workers spray runners with color.  The point is to get as much color on you as possible before, during, and after the run.  Most people wear white so the color shows up exceptionally well.  I was a little nervous as the run was coming up, considering I’m not much of a runner and I’ve never been in a race before.  Also, there were over 3,000 people there, and huge crowds tend to intimidate me — especially when I know I’ll be smack-dab in the middle of it.

But let me tell you, it was SO. MUCH. FUN.  It was probably the best first 5K in which to participate, considering it was super chill and all about just having fun, not competition.  Also, I’d say about eighty percent of the participants walked the course instead of running, so it wasn’t a huge deal that I’m not that great of a runner.  Lots of people wore hilarious costumes as well, which made it even more fun.  It was also fantastic because of the friends I went with.  My good friend Emily was my running partner.  She was such a very loyal partner and stayed with me the whole time!  I’m so thankful for her.  We also went with my other friends Rachael and Kayla, as well as Rachael’s sister, brother, and mother.

Not only was it fun, but apparently I created a new personal best time.  I didn’t even realize I was running faster than usual, but I finished much sooner than anticipated.  All I can say is I guess I was feeding off all the positive energy from everyone else. 🙂  The community of runners and walkers there was absolutely incredible.  Everyone was encouraging and uplifting — I can’t even begin to count how many high-fives I was given!

Below are photos from the event.  I definitely want to do it again next year!

From left to right: Kayla, Me, Emily, Rachael, Rachael's sister Hannah, and Rachael's brother Josh

From left to right: Kayla, Me, Emily, Rachael, Rachael’s sister Hannah, and Rachael’s brother Josh




From left to right: Rachael, Josh, Kayla, Me, Hannah, and Rachael's mom.

From left to right: Rachael, Josh, Kayla, Me, Hannah, Rachael’s mom…and my little brother Xavier at the bottom of the photo, haha.


We made it!

We made it!


I think pink is my color. ;)  There isn't any filter or editing on this photo either - it was really that neon pink!

I think pink is my color. 😉 There isn’t any filter or editing on this photo either – it really was that neon pink!


-Tialla ♥

My Thoughts on The Hunger Games Trilogy

I just finished The Hunger Games Trilogy.  Let me actually back up a little, on my 18th birthday (last month), I watched The Hunger Games, without any back knowledge on the story AT ALL.  And…I was completely confused.  That movie definitely wasn’t made to tell the story to an audience who hadn’t read the book.  There was so much that wasn’t explained, random actions that didn’t make sense, and a whole exposition that was excluded.  It felt very disconnected.

I was ready to toss The Hunger Games out the window – and I have to say, I was a bit disappointed.  After all the hoopla about the movie, I was expecting something pretty epic.  The movie didn’t even make me want to read the books – it actually left a bad taste in my mouth.

And then…I talked with my friends and they all said I should read the books.  They explained that they books were incredibly better, and everything would make sense after reading them.  So, I did.  I have to say, I really liked the story!!  The movie was like a brief, badly-done summary of the book, missing very important information.  Needless to say, I’m not a fan of the movie.  Of the books, yes.  Movie?  Not so much.

However, after reading the books, I am pretty excited about the Catching Fire movie.  I just really, really hope that it is closer to the book (and contains necessary details for non-reader understanding).  Because honestly, a person shouldn’t have to read a book to understand the movie.  The book is ALWAYS better, and it’s always a good thing to read the book, but it shouldn’t be necessary to understand the film.

Here are my Goodreads reviews of the books, as I read each one:


(4 out of 5 stars)

I watched the movie before reading the book, and I have to say…I was completely confused. I didn’t know what was happening or why, the producers alluded to some incidents but didn’t explain what it meant, the camera angles were strange, etc. I was told I needed to read the book, so I have. The book is definitely SO much better than the movie. Everything makes sense! I wish that the producers of the movie had taken the time to incorporate Katniss’ back story or…something – something to make more sense.

A lot of people say the book is more violent than the movie, but I honestly didn’t see it. In my opinion, it was less violent/graphic, excluding the scene of Cato’s death. I definitely enjoyed it more than the movie, and I look forward to reading Book Two – Catching Fire.


(4 out of 5 stars)

I enjoyed Catching Fire so much more than The Hunger Games. It had so much depth, twists, and development in it. Maybe I enjoyed it more because I didn’t have the confusing movie to go off of…just my imagination…but whatever it was, I definitely think Book 2 is better than Book 1.

I didn’t understand the ending – from the moment she shot the arrow into the force field, I was pretty lost. However, I’ve heard that I’ll understand it more by reading Mockingjay, so that’s certainly up next on my list.

I have heard so many people stating that the Hunger Games books are much more violent than the movie, but honestly, I don’t see it. They aren’t near as graphic or violent as they easily could be, or as I was expecting them to be based on people’s reviews. In my opinion, the movie was definitely more graphic than the books.

Collins has created something completely unique and endearing here. The reading level is about that of an eighth-grader, but the story is complex and intriguing. I greatly enjoyed this book.


(3 out of 5 stars)

Wow, Mockingjay was very different from the previous two books. In The Hunger Games, I couldn’t quite decide who I liked better – whether Gale or Peeta – but in Catching Fire, I liked Peeta better, hands down.

He was horrible in Mockingjay. Now, I understand the whole Capitol hijacking and everything, so it’s not his fault…I just didn’t like him, at all. I guess it was disappointing because I liked him so much in Catching Fire…and to have him changed so drastically in the next book was a huge shock.

On to other points, though. Mockingjay was definitely more violent, graphic, and gory. I seriously hope, if this book is put to film, that they ease over the graphic descriptions. I could easily see this book rated R if the descriptions are followed. I’m not sensitive when it comes to gore in books, but some of the situations caused me to shudder.

Still, I liked the ending – except for the fact that I don’t understand why Katniss murdered President Coin. I’ll probably figure it out eventually, though. I’m glad that Peeta was able to heal and return to his old self, and I’m glad he and Katniss were a couple at the end. I loved the epilogue – perfect ending!

I liked the previous books more, but this one was alright.

All in all, I really enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy. It was captivating, unique, and intriguing! Hats off to Suzanne Collins!


So then there’s this whole Team Gale/Team Peeta thing.  I have to say…I’m for Peeta.  In THE HUNGER GAMES, I couldn’t decide which I liked more – Peeta was great, and Gale seemed like he had a lot of potential, but he wasn’t in the book much so I didn’t really know.

Then when I read CATCHING FIRE, I realized that I really liked Peeta.  He was just so open, honest, didn’t have hidden motives, and always wanted the best for Katniss.  He sees things clearly – not from a biased or influenced point of view – which reminded me a lot of Prim, her sister.

I decided I didn’t like Gale that much (especially in MOCKINGJAY) because he was extremely stubborn, politically minded, critical, and unforgiving.  He didn’t mind killing people because he was using Snow’s rules.  When did that make it alright?  Why was he okay with stooping to Snow’s level – the person they all despised because of his choices.  I did like that Gale knew Katniss best, but (especially in the third book), I didn’t feel a sustained connection between them.  He just seemed angry, dramatic, and preoccupied.  Granted, Katniss was pretty immature at times, but…they just seemed like they were always arguing and holding grudges.  I think it was a good thing that Peeta and Katniss ended up together, not Gale and Katniss.

Granted, I hated Peeta in MOCKINGJAY, but I realize he was changed because his memories were so altered by the Capitol’s trackerjacker venom…not because of his own choices.  He couldn’t help that.  Even with that knowledge, he ticked me off a few times.  I like that he healed and was mainly himself by the end of the book, though.

So, those are my thoughts on The Hunger Games Trilogy.  I genuinely liked the books.  I think the story was fantastic, and Collins was genius for creating it.  I was not impressed with the movie, but I hope the Catching Fire movie is better.

Click here to watch the Catching Fire Trailer.

Now, one more thing about Mockingjay – SPOILER ALERT (not that that many people haven’t read it…but hey.  They might not have.)

I was pretty disappointed that Prim died.  Not because I missed her as a character – she was hardly in the books so I didn’t really get to know her – but because of the fact that Katniss originally volunteered to take Prim’s place in the reaping…so she wouldn’t die.  And then Suzanne Collins kills her off at the end of the trilogy.  It seemed like a pretty unnecessary death to me, and very anticlimactic.   There were lots of seemingly unnecessary deaths in this book – especially Prim’s and Finnick’s.   I was also really sad that Cinna died…but his death certainly made a lot more sense than Prim’s or Finnick’s.

Anyways, that’s it!

What do you think of The Hunger Games Trilogy?  Agree/disagree with my thoughts?  Have anything to add that I might’ve forgotten?

Working Day and Night: Today is Tuesday

Hi.  I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my last post.  Time goes by way too fast, people. 😉

–Things are moving along with my book.  I have heard from my publisher, and hopefully, it won’t be too long before my novel is published.

–I ordered some business cards to advertise for my book.  This really awesome website offers a bunch of free or low-priced products, so I had a lot of fun checking it out and ordering business cards.  It will make things so much easier when I’m talking with people about my book.  Instead of scrambling for a scrap of paper and pen to write down my website URL, I can just hand them the card, which comes complete with my book title, my name, email address, website, and blurb.  I’m pretty psyched about it.

–I am having my Senior photos taken this Friday.  Thus comes the defining moment when I have to pose a bazillion times and smile until my face hurts, knowing that one of those shots will end up on graduation invitations all over people’s refrigerators.  Pressure much?  Really, though, I think the hardest part is deciding what to wear.  That will take some thought.  Also, do I want to pose in front of bricks and stairways (which makes me think of Jane Eyre) or trees?  Decisions, decisions.

–Yesterday, we spent all day with a wonderful family in Chino Valley.  We hardly ever see this family, so it was a ton of fun spending the day with them!  We spent most of the day talking, but they have a daughter (named Julia) who is SO much like me.  She’s actually a couple of years younger than me, but we are so alike, it’s scary.  The only thing that’s different between us (that I know of at the moment) is that she can take huge pills without water, and I can hardly take a small pill, and am pretty much terrified of taking pills.  I would rather take a shot than pills, and she is terrified of shots.  I used to be terrified of shots until my shoulder injury when I had to have three injections – dye/fluid injection for an MRI, Cortisone injection, and a dull needle stuck in my neck and wiggled around until they found the right nerve and then injected an electric stimulus into it…yeah the last one was the worst by far.

Anyways!  (Sorry, I was a little distracted there…) We had a fabulous day.  Julia also loves to play the piano, so we spent a large part of the day poking around on her keyboard and discussing music.  We ate outside for all the meals, played games, drank coffee, talked, and overall had a great time.  We didn’t leave until 10 PM, and it was just before midnight when we made it home.  It was totally worth it, and I’m looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with this family! 😀

–I also ordered a Venice poster.  You guys are probably wondering by now if I’m running out of space on my walls for posters.  Well, yes.  However, I still have the ceiling to go to, so I’m not too concerned. 😉  I know some people think it is weird to put things on the ceiling, but I personally like decorating the ceiling.  I think it adds an extra dynamic to a room.

Just for your information, though, my Venice poster will not be going on the ceiling.  I still have room on my wall.  Look at the photo of it below – isn’t it gorgeous??  I love the black and white!

–I’ve been meaning to mention this in a blog post for a while, but I keep forgetting.  According to this Jane Austen heroine quiz, I am Marianne Dashwood.  Which, I have to say, does not surprise me.  I read Sense and Sensibility not too long ago, and was regretfully shocked at how similar Marianne and I are.  Several of the characteristics we share are not ones I am very proud of, so it definitely shows me where I need to work on.  Other things are kind of nice, though.  However, as opposed to Marianne, I do believe that a person can fall in love more than once (Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is more deceitful than all else and desperately sick, who can understand it?), and that it is God alone who can tame the heart and purify it for the one lifelong spouse.  Hence, why it is so important to guard our thoughts and affections.

Similarly to Marianne, though, I love playing the piano and singing.  According the the quiz, I am impulsive, romantic, impatient, and perhaps a bit too brutally honest.  So far, this is painfully true.  They say that I also enjoy romantic poetry and novels, and play the pianoforte beautifully.  Have they met me or something?  They also claim that my singing voice is captivating, and that I feel deeply and love passionately.  I’m not so sure about the captivating singing voice, but the rest of it is true.

Yes, it definitely shows me where I need to improve my character.  However, it was a fun little quiz – feel free to take it.  I’d love to hear which heroine you are!


I am Marianne Dashwood!

Have a great week!

Why Is the Rum Gone? – Today is Tuesday

I’m pretty sure this video doesn’t even require explanation.  Hilarious, I tell you.  Though I will say that the random Teletubbies are a little weird.  Along with the random Pokemon.  Other than that, it’s amazing and ridiculously catchy.

I conquered Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.  This is quite an accomplishment, let me tell you.  Upon reflection, this book was incredibly hard to get into.  I don’t know how I did it, except by sheer determination and perseverance.  However, the story line was intriguing, sweet, and the characters are endearing.  It is slightly predictable (from the beginning, I’m sure we all *know* that Edward is going to marry Elinor, and Colonel Brandon is going to marry Marianne), but how the result comes about is what kept me reading.  In all honesty, Jane Austen is hilarious – in a dry, 19th century British kind of way.  She excels at innocently mocking everyone’s downfalls in some point without actually coming out and saying it.  Sense and Sensibility holds great lessons in prudence, discretion, and listening to the wisdom of more experienced persons.

After reading the book, I watched the newest film adaptation of it, and it was very satisfying.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Usually, when I watch film adaptations after reading the book, I am sorely disappointed.  Most movies don’t even compare to the book (i.e. the numerous movies of Jane Eyre, vs. the book), but this one did a pretty good job.  There are a lot of things different from the book, but for the most part, I like the changes.  The plot flowed more smoothly than in the book, that’s for sure.  Kate Winslet made a beautiful Marianne, and Emma Thompson did an excellent job as Elinor.

Now, I am happily reading Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters, and it is absolutely hilarious.  I don’t think I would have enjoyed it so much if I hadn’t just read Sense and Sensibility, but since I did, I can pick out the differences from the original novel easily.  It’s pretty stupid and really far out there, but honestly very creative and one of the funniest stories I’ve read in a long time.

—I ordered two more posters recently, and they have arrived!  I ordered them off Amazon, as usual. 😉  Both of them are fantabulous.  One is a Michael Jackson poster.  It’s actually the artwork for his “Bad” album cover – just enlarged to fit a 24″x36″ poster.  I love it.  It did take awhile to get use to, because I was a *genius* and decided to hang it on my wall just above eye level…which for a short person like me, is pretty much the height of average people.  For the first few days, every time I walked by without thinking about the poster, or nonchalantly glanced over, I would literally jump.  It was a little strange getting used to a person standing there on my wall.  However, I’m used to it now, and just love it. 😉

So I would upload of photo of my poster hanging on my wall, but WordPress is giving me problems uploading my own photos, so I’m uploading a photo of the same poster I bought off Amazon.  Not necessarily a bad thing, considering this one doesn’t have a glare. 😉

The other poster is of The Dark Knight Rises.  Do you remember how much I loved this movie?  Seriously, it was amazing.  I loved every moment.  Therefore, when I saw this poster on Amazon for only $5.12, it practically screamed my name.  It is also 24″x36″ but I have it set up higher on my wall so it doesn’t freak me out with a Batman standing there.  It’s just a great poster…featuring batman, a fire in the shape of the Bat Symbol, Gotham City….  Yep, pretty epic.  Once again, I would upload of photo of the poster itself, but WordPress wasn’t allowing me to.  Therefore, here’s a photo of the poster from Amazon.

Strangely enough, there wasn’t a verse that really struck me this week.  There were lots of great verses, but I think I would like to share with all of you my favorite Bible Verse.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t done this yet, and if I have, I guess it doesn’t hurt anything.

My favorite verse is Isaiah 40:8, “The grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word of our God stands forever.”

I have loved this verse for several years now.  It is very encouraging to me because throughout history, rulers, kings, and riots/mobs have time and time again tried to destroy the Word of God, and wipe it from their culture or land.  They haven’t succeeded.  The Bible holds the record for the most published book in the world, and there isn’t a single country that can keep the Bible out of their borders.  They can try as they might, but people will always smuggle in God’s Word – and succeed.  No matter how many people are caught, more will be willing to step up and die if need be in the process of trying to spread the Good News.  This Bible verse doesn’t just say that the Bible will endure a long time, it says that it will stand forever.  Now that’s pretty powerful, if you ask me.

Who Needs a Rollercoaster When You Can Drive a Stick Shift?


Alright, this time you’ll get a “real” post, but next time I promise you’ll have more photos.  😀  I know you guys just *love* reading my rambling thoughts, so I figured I’d make you all feel so special and give you a regular post.  😉

So while we were in Colorado visiting my grandparents, my dad put two things together.  1), my grandparents have a huge field as their backyard with virtually no important landscaping.  2) that my grandparents also own stick shifts.  Guess what that added up to?  Driving practice!  (…yay…I think…..)

See, we only have automatic cars (fine with me!), and so I’ve learned how to drive with those.  I’ve been doing pretty good with those…and then my dad introduced the stick shift.  Um.  😯

Haha it was really fun, but really hard!  I’ve officially decided I do NOT like stick shifts, and I really hope I can get an automatic as my first car.  I don’t know how many times I stalled that car, or how many times I almost sent us into the fence because I was pushing on the gas too hard before releasing the clutch.  That coordination thing just wasn’t working for this girl.

Beside it being hard to get started, my dad had to admit once I was going, I was able to smoothly transition between 1st and 2nd – most times.  Don’t mention 3rd.  I didn’t quite get there; I usually got stuck in neutral and the car stalled.  At least the Lord gave me the ability to switch between the first two gears – that’s a start, right?  Exactly.  I just know you’re nodding.

It was really fun.  I liked it – for fun, but thinking about driving a stick shift in traffic terrifies me.  Well, driving in traffic with an automatic terrifies me as well – but that’s beside the point.  😛

I felt kind of bad when we came back inside and my dad asked for some Tylenol.  I was like, “really?  C’mon, no way!”  But apparently he really did have a headache from all jerking and stalling.   Oh well…hopefully I’ll eventually get better.  I don’t like stick shifts.  Just want to say that again.  Haha I’ve had a lot of people say, “It’s a life skill you have to know…” and I believe them – I just don’t like driving it. 

You know, I was thinking, and figured driving a stick shift can kind of be like life.  At times it’s hard to get started, but the Lord gives you just the right coordination and energy to get it going.  When you first get going, it seems pretty easy to shift gears and drive (just like remembering to do your devotions and putting God first)…but after a while, you’ll try to shift to a different gear and get stuck…eventually stalling.  You may have tried to do something on your own, or didn’t ask the Lord about it first, and it didn’t turn out so well.  Or something happened completely out of your control, and the car stalled with what seems like no reason at all.  It might seem impossible to start again.  But once you slow down, and think, the Lord will give you the coordination, and you’ll start back up like there wasn’t a problem in the first place. At least, that’s what it seems like to me.  Kind of interesting, huh?

So I’ll stick with the automatic for right now and tackle traffic eventually.  😉  Do you have any driving experiences to share?  Stories?  What do you think of stick shifts; how’d you learn to drive them?   Or if you’re learning now, what do you think?