Giving hubby a haircut!

Back when I got my haircut a few weeks ago, I was talking with my hairstylist about different places around town to get haircuts, and she said something that at first made me laugh and then ponder later on.

She asked, “And where does your husband go for his haircuts?  Or do you cut it for him?”

I laughed because, as I told her, “I would be absolutely terrified to cut his hair.”  I had these images in my head of cutting way too short or jagged/unblended and I greatly dislike buzz cuts, so I didn’t want to chance it.  However, what she told me next got me thinking it just might be possible.

She first asked what kind of haircut he got, and when I answered, “An 8-blade all over,” she insisted that I could totally do it myself.  She let me know that you can’t go any shorter than the guard on the trimmer, so it’s totally safe and easy especially since it’s just the one blade!  There wouldn’t be anything to blend.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was possible.  And boy, would it save us money!  My husband gets his hair cut far more often than I do (which is natural, considering he keeps his hair short), and we always get his beard trimmed at the same time.  Though it’s only $13.95 for the cut & $5 for the beard trim, when you add a tip and go back month after month, it starts adding up.  I’ve mentioned before that we have a tight budget, so any chance to save money is a win for us!  Thus…

We ordered this men’s hair trimmer on Amazon.  $50 for all those blades AND a cape to keep off all the itchy hair (and a bunch of other tools, plus instructions & tips)?  I think YES.

It’s basically salon quality and we love it!  We did the math and realized that within two haircuts, we would pay off the trimmer and start saving money.  Not only will this replace haircuts, but also the beard trims because this kit came with all the short blades also.  Joshua was definitely in need of a haircut by the time it arrived, so I sat him down in the middle of the kitchen (as our bathroom is too small) on a step ladder that night, fastened the cape, poured over the instructions, and with a few nervous chuckles, got started.

The instructions actually made it way more complicated than it was, but I’m sure they are more accurate for doing multiple lengths and blending and such.  With just one length, I didn’t really need to concern myself with going by sections, just paying attention to hair growth direction.  It was slow, but we got it done, including the beard trim, which was probably the scariest part for me because it could have so easily gone wrong when I was cleaning up the neck beard and mustache!

I think next time I’ll go shorter with the beard trim, but it was great for a start!  I think I’m mostly excited about this because we no longer have to wait to have the money for his haircut and trim; as soon as he starts looking scruffy, we can clean it all up!  Previously, he would get scruffy before we could afford to get it cut, so he’d just have to wait.  This will be so nice, I’m sure!  (Oh and there’s only hair on his shirt at the end because we took off the cape after the haircut so he could look in the mirror and forgot to put it back on before doing the beard trim.  There wasn’t anything on his shirt after the haircut, so he would have been hair-free if we remembered it!)

Anyway, that was our adventure lately!  Have you non-hairdressers ever cut someone’s hair?  Do you cut your boyfriend’s/husband’s hair?

Until next time, friends!



Due to the fact that I’m turning twenty next month, this crazy idea came into my head about chopping off my hair.  I was terrified, but I still wanted to do it.  I spent quite a while browsing short haircuts on Pinterest and Google, and finally came up with something I thought I would like, and wouldn’t look too terrible on me.  (The virtual hair makeover at works wonders!)

Anyway, just over a week ago, I took the plunge and cut it off.  And…I’m loving it.  Yes, it definitely took some getting used to, and there are some annoying things about it (such as, I can’t pull my hair back when I run and I just have to deal with it blowing around when it’s windy), but overall, I’m really loving it.  I figure, it will always grow.

So, I thought I’d share!  🙂


Before and after. 🙂





-Tialla ♥



New Year, New Look

One week ago, I chopped off my hair.  It was long enough to reach below my shoulder blades.  It is now long enough to reach just above my shoulders (with some layers that are much shorter).

I have never been scared to do drastic and fairly permanent things to my hair.  As I posted on Google+, “I figure, it will always grow.  I’ve had it chopped off, grown out, bleached, dyed, highlights, lowlights, chunked-lights, and permed.  It’s been two years since my last drastic action – my hair has been completely natural in color, texture, and length for the past two years – but I’m feeling the itch to do something again…..”

That pretty much explains it all.  Some girls and woman are absolutely terrified of cutting or coloring their hair…and I suppose for good reasons.  Some hair experiments can go really wrong, especially if you don’t get the right stylist.  (I had my hair permed at the beauty school, and let’s just say never again.  The student didn’t cover my ears with the cotton, so the chemicals burned them (I had scabs for weeks), and she accidentally dripped the neutralizer in my eyes (the scary part is that she didn’t even know it).  Yet, I’m not scared off.  Every once in a while, I’ll get the urge to change my look, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t.  It’s fun!  It’ll grow back, wash out, grow out, etc.  If all else fails, I figure I can live under a scarf/hat for a few weeks.  I haven’t had anything turn out that bad, though. 😉

Now, for the past few years, I’ve kept my hair completely natural.  No coloring, only trims, and a little bit of Sun-In during the summer.  I’ve come to really like my natural golden blonde hair color, so I don’t think I’ll be coloring it anytime soon.  However, that does not keep me from cutting it.  I have to admit, I was really nervous to cut my hair this time.  I’m not sure why – maybe because it’s been a few years? – but whatever the reason, I was nervous.  Even so, I went through with it, and I’m so glad my anxiety didn’t keep me away.




Naturally straight….


Short hair!

Short hair!


A blooper to make you laugh. 🙂 I can’t seem to resist making a face when taking a selfie.

I cut off twelve inches!  You can imagine how light my head feels now.  Strange thing is, I never realized how heavy it was in the first place.  I’m completely loving my short hair, though, and having lots of fun experimenting with different ways to style it.  I can scrunch mousse in, blow dry it, flat iron my bangs, and add a touch of hairspray – all in ten minutes!

So there you have it – a visual update of ME.

Have a great Friday!  Tomorrow’s Saturday!


P.S.  Don’t get caught up in only doing haircuts that “internet hair experts” say will work for your face shape.  I have a short, square face, and this haircut is not recommended.  I did it anyway, and it turned out fantastic!  So, just go with what feels right, and what you think will look good.  You’ll be the one with it on your head, not those “internet hair experts.” 😉