Happy New Year!


I can hardly believe it’s January 1st already.  While 2016 had a lot of downs, it also had some major “ups” for me, such as marrying the love of my life.  However, I can’t say I’m sad to see 2016 go, and I’m hoping that 2017 is an even better year.  I guess we will see!  We never know what hand we will be dealt, but we can chose how we respond to it, and that’s my goal for this year!

Happy New Year, everyone!



Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy last day of 2014, friends!  This year has been full of firsts and adventures.  Of course, there was sadness as well, but that’s life, and I have an amazing God to help me through.  🙂  Here’s to more adventures in 2015!

Also, we’re having a huge snowstorm here, so here’s a couple photos and a video.  Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve, everyone!

December 31 2014


snow december 31 2014